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Staff Member of the Month

Staffer of the Month- Sherry Ross

Daniel Cuevas ’21 |Staff Writer| She is probably the biggest sweetheart on campus. Sherry Ross, the Senior Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Students, is the Staff Member of the Month of November. I was lucky enough to talk to her and hear about her experiences at Wabash.
What is your hometown?
“I have lived in Crawfordsville all my life, so I’ve always known Wabash very well.”
What is your favorite Wabash sport?
“My husband and I support all of the sports here, but we are huge football fans because my son played football at Crawfordsville High School and Wabash. I even went  Allegheny this season!”
What is your favorite season at Wabash?
“I love it in the late summer when the freshman come and the upperclassmen return. I see the names of the freshman throughout the summer, and it’s nice to finally put a face to their name. A close second would be commencement though because it’s out on the mall and it’s such a beautiful time.”
What is your favorite thing about this school?
“The students because they are what makes this place come alive. I feel really fortunate and privileged to be able to work in the Dean of Student’s office because I get to know the young men that come here.”
What is your favorite Wabash tradition?
“I really enjoy the Chapel Talks. It’s a unique thing for Wabash. I enjoy the Bell game, the Ringing In Ceremony, and commencement, but today, I feel Chapel because Dean Raters gave such a great Chapel Talk. The faculty members don’t only speak about what they’re teaching, but they broaden it to include their lives and to provide advice to make students’ lives better.”
What is one moment that sticks out to you in all of your time here?
“Well, one moment I can think about as a football fan is “The Catch.” It was down at DePauw one year. We were behind until the last few seconds. The quarterback threw a pass and the tight-end, Ryan Short, tipped it to our receiver in the endzone. Afterwards, there was such a euphoria among the students, fans, and players, and it was really a “come-together” moment to bring that bell back.”
Like many students, Ross knows that this college is like no other. “There’s so many people here who want to see you be successful,” she said. “You may feel like you’re falling back, but you always have someone to go to, to say, ‘Here’s what you should do,’ or ‘Pick yourself up and try this.’ The alums, faculty, and staff are all here to help. I don’t know if you can find that anywhere else.”

Staffer of the Month- Adam Phipps ’11

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 5.26.37 PM

Phipps on a recent video shoot in collaboration with Wabash Magazine. (Photo Courtesy of Communications and Marketing)

Bryce Bridgewater| Copy Editor| As part of the new online format for The Bachelor, the staff has created a “Staff Member of the Month” section for students and alumni to see the people that make Wabash work on a daily basis. For the first edition of the section, The Bachelor recognizes Adam Phipps ‘11 for his work here at the college. Phipps graduated in 2011 as a Theater major and works as Videographer and Digital Content Editor for the Communications and Marketing department. He is the man in charge of filming the campus.

    “Someone in my role is expected to envision, capture, edit, and produce content for our external channels that reach target audiences, more often than not. the ‘Males Age 15-18’ range,” Phipps said.

    Phipps is also involved with working with students to film events such as Chapel Talks and other events on campus. Also, he is directly responsible for the content produced for prospects coming on campus.

    As an alumnus of the college, he finds his work incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. He enjoys working with students at his alma mater.

    “I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to serve my Wabash brethren,” Phipps said. “I am humbled by the personal stories and spurred on by the campus camaraderie to showcase the best facets of her classic halls. It’s my dream job.”

    One of Phipps’ best memory of Wabash came as an undergraduate at his fraternity, Tau Kappa Epsilon. As seniors, TKE holds a Senior Chapter where seniors can hold the floor for as long as they would like. He recalls it as one of the most moving moments he

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 8.44.52 PM

Phipps ’11

has been a part of.

    “I remember it as one of the most emotionally valid and authentically vulnerable moments of my life,” he said. “My pledge brothers, the same brothers with whom I had lived, grown, fought, yelled, bit, scrapped, and matured as a man, filled everyone with laughter, tears, joy, and love as we regaled the brothers with our many shared adventures late into the night.”

    Phipps will continue to work with students here at Wabash. He wants all students to know that he is looking for help in the department, and would love for students to sign on to help. Thank you for all you do, Adam!