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New Homecoming Schedule Heavy on Action

Reed Mathis ’22 | ONLINE EDITOR

For many, Wabash is a place that they call home. It is easy enough to talk to an alumnus, whether it be one year out of college or sixty-five, about the memories and traditions that fashioned their Wabash experience. However, as we head towards Homecoming Week, we are once again reminded why this place is unique to each one of us. 

When it comes to Wabash, tradition is everything. Although the same events will comprise the week, there will be slight changes. 

“Unlike homecoming week in the past, it will not start on Thursday and be a mad dash to end Saturday. This year we will be spreading out the week in a couple of different ways,” said Sphinx Club President, Clark Tinder ‘20. In attempts to give fraternities and everyone involved with homecoming week more time, the most significant change involves the schedule not being mainly Thursday-Saturday. The events and activities will span the entire week. “The first thing we are going to start is to have a Spirit Day on Monday, and on Tuesday there will be an Air-Raid-a-Thon where someone can pay $1 to yell Air-Raid to Sphinx Club members and the rynies,” said Tinder. The proceeds made on Tuesday will be going to the Montgomery County Women’s Shelter and the Family Crisis Center of Montgomery County. 

Echoing the movement to make homecoming week more enjoyable, the Chants competition, which is traditionally on Friday night, will be moved up to Tuesday at 9 PM on the Chapel Steps. “The one thing that we are attempting to do is having a scoring event every day. Doing this will make the events more competitive, smoothly flowing, and the day-to-day standings becoming more meaningful,” said IFC President, Matt Fajt ‘20.

Homecoming, more or less, revolves around the freshmen at Wabash. Having said that, this year there will be a competition that only upper-classman can participate in and it will be a Dodgeball Tournament held between 7:00 PM-9:00 PM on Friday. “This allows upperclassman to participate in homecoming week, while also having the chance to score some points for their house,” said Tinder. The tournament will be held at the Mall and is open to all living units who can construct a team of six-to-eight individuals. 

In general, homecoming is a time where all parts of campus come together in comradery and take part in activities that promote student unity and tradition. What makes homecoming week distinct is being around the people that enhance your Wabash experience and taking a step away from the pressure of classes by appreciating everything Wabash has to offer. 

“Instead of three days of madness, we now can get everyone out and together each day. With this being our first home game, it will build up more anticipation going into the football game on Saturday,” said Tinder.