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Player Profile: Kyle Warbinton

ALEXANDRU ROTARU ’22 | STAFF WRITER • Many of us know Kyle Warbinton ’20 through one of the many leadership roles he has on Wabash’s campus: Student Body President, Golf Letterman, member of the Sphinx Club, and brother of Phi Kappa Psi, among others. However, beyond these credentials lies a person genuinely dedicated to his pursuits and motivated by his own daily engagement.

He chose Wabash, as many do, after getting to know the feel of the campus. After his first visit, he “really decided this was a place where [he] could succeed and flourish,” Warbinton said. That is also how he chose to become a brother at Phi Psi, even though his grandfather and uncle were both members of Lambda Chi Alpha during their time at Wabash. “It came down to the fact that I thought the Phi Psis were the most genuine group of guys that I interacted with [when deciding] where I was going to be living,” Warbinton said. “I love my house and I think I made a good decision.” When he finds some free time, he generally likes to spend it with his fraternity brothers, “because I don’t think I spend as much time with the people in my house as I should,” Warbinton said. “My house is something that I cherish more so because I don’t get to do as much, and it really allows me to take a break from everything else.”

As a Political Science major, he is passionate about government and international law. “I’ve enjoyed looking at the different political environments and landscapes across different continents and different countries,” Warbinton said. “I really got some enjoyment out of learning about the different styles of politics and what are the conflicts and problems that arise from each region.” He is also committed to his academic excellence and rigor. “That’s what my parents instilled in me,” Warbinton said. “They’re excited that I got involved in everything, and in being a successful athlete so far. But, for them, [good grades come first].”


One of the first major positions he held on campus was senator for the
class of 2020 his freshman year. “That gave me an initial look at what student government was like,” Warbinton said. “ After that, I really decided I enjoyed it and I wanted to continue with it.”

Dedication, authenticity, and self-overcoming are the core principles of
his life. In fact, his greatest enemy is the lethargy that comes with not being committed enough. “Being busy is when I am most effective, and, for me, being on top of things is when I’m happiest,” Warbinton said. The main reason he joined the Sphinx Club was because he looked up to its members when he was a freshman for their engagement with the campus. “They were the ones that I really saw as people that I wanted to develop into in my future career at Wabash,” Warbinton said.

His passion for golf comes from how much of a mental game it is. ‘I don’t know if a lot of people would agree with me, but I think golf is one of the hardest games to play, and it’s one of the most confusing and stressful as well, because, when you’re off, you’re off, and when you’re on, it’s usually for a little bit,” Warbinton said. “So I think it’s mentally draining. But then again, it’s just so fruitful. And when you have good teammates and a support group behind you, it can be really fun.”

Another mental game in his life is staying on top of his hectic schedule. “The biggest thing is making sure I have a good schedule set out, so every Sunday I know what I usually do [the following week],” Warbinton said.