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Liberal Arts + An Introduction to the CIBE

DANNY CUEVAS ’21 | STAFF WRITER • Career Services at Wabash College has been more visible than ever the past few years: as the organization has introduced Professional Immersion Experience (PIE) Trips, the weekly sessions of Coffee & Careers at the 1832 Brew, and Mock Interview Days to students, Career Services has become a staple at the College. However, arguably the most impactful service provided by the Center of Innovation, Business, and Entrepreneurship (CIBE) has been the CIBE Partners Program.

Through the program, select students have the ability to gain valuable work experience by working alongside local businesses and organizations on various projects. CIBE Partners are assigned to engagement groups that are tasked with helping firms achieve a particular objective, whether it be creating an advertisement campaign for a local organization or writing algorithms for a data set. The list of engagement group opportunities offers something for every Partner, where students may work in a field they are skilled at or interested in. For example, if a Partner wishes to work on a project that includes accounting, the CIBE would be sure to offer a venture that allows that Partner to develop and hone his accounting skills.

Where many other colleges offer a program such as this to strictly upperclassmen or business majors, the CIBE Partners Program presents these significant experiences to students regardless of major or class level. Because of this, Partners and other students who make use of the opportunities and events provided by Career Services leave Wabash with the experience and leadership abilities to enter and thrive

in nearly any industry. Many students and alumni can attest to this fact.

Schuyler Nehrig ’20 believes his experience as a Partner thus far has brought him various opportunities and benefits. “The work experience I’ve gained has allowed
me to secure an internship every summer since freshman year.” Nehrig said. Nehrig previously collaborated with Amazon for his engagement group project to develop better discounts for students at Wabash and for the school as a whole. This semester he is working with Coaches’ Toolbox, a company which offers resources and advising for baseball and basketball coaches so that they may be more effective leaders and lead their teams to success. He has essentially assisted the company with marketing as he manages their social media and contacts potential clients. “The benefits of being a CIBE Partner have been endless,” Nehrig said. “I was told to talk with Roland Morin ’91 about joining the program, and the rest is history.”

Students at Wabash do not only enjoy a top-notch education but stellar resources
for professional development from Career Services. Through initiatives like the CIBE Partners Program and more, students leave the College with a diverse set of skills that can transfer to any field, proving once again that majors don’t matter, experiences do.