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Dodging for a Good Cause

AUSTIN HOOD ’21 | STAFF WRITER • Wallies, start working on those ducking and diving
skills. The Brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon are holding a campus- wide dodgeball tournament this Saturday, October 27. Teams of five to seven players will square off in Knowling Fieldhouse starting at 3 p.m. The Brothers of TKE expect the event to be a large Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 3.32.21 PMsuccess, and hope to pull a large turnout for a fun day of dodgeball. A Brother of the fraternity commented on the efforts that have gone into putting the tournament together, and spoke about the expectations of the event.

“This is a really cool event that a lot of guys have been working hard at getting organized,” TKE’s philanthropy chair Manzil Mudbari ‘20 said. “I know I’m not the only one waiting to finally see it happen. We’re expecting it to be pretty fun.”

Each team will be charged $5 per player entree. All proceeds from the tournament will go towards St. Jude Children’s Hospital with the main goal of defeating childhood cancer. St. Jude is the philanthropic partner of the Tau Kappa Epsilon national fraternity, and the TKEs hope that they will be able to contribute a fair amount of donation money to the organization this year. This is the first year the tournament will be held, but the Brothers
of Tau Kappa Epsilon hope that with success with the event this year, it can become a recurring activity for Wabash Men for years to come. The Brothers stated that at first, their plans did not include a dodgeball tournament, but their focus shifted after some consideration. The fraternity seeks to rekindle some of that childhood nostalgia from gym class with the promotion of this event, however, and looks to kindle a spirit of

sportsmanship and brotherhood. “Originally we were looking to do a soccer tournament,
but we found out that other clubs on campus had a soccer tournament planned,” TKE Vice President David Segovia ‘19 said. “So we started thinking about a philanthropy event that everyone could have fun with. Who doesn’t have good memories of playing dodgeball from when they were a little kid?”

With the promise of fun times and friendly competition, as well as the proceeds of the event going to a good cause, what could possibly make this event better? The answer comes in the form of a free meal, as well as vital hydration to keep Wallies ducking and dodging dodgeballs all afternoon. The TKE Brothers have stated that complementary food and drinks will be provided to all tournament participants. But there’s good reason to participate beyond scoring free pizza on a Saturday – at the end of the day, the dodgeball falls by the wayside as Wabash Men can contribute in a modest way in hopes of ending childhood cancer.

“At the end of the day, this tournament is a wonderful way to live up to the gentlemen’s rule and the mission statement,” Segovia said. “What’s more Wabash than having a fun, friendly competition that gives back to the community?

Housing units are encouraged to form multiple teams for the event, and can even don their IM jerseys or other defining attire to show spirit for their particular Fraternity house, or living unit. Once again, the tournament is set to kick off on October 27th, running from 3-6 p.m. in the Allen Fieldhouse. All of those who wish to participate should submit their teams to Manzil Mudbari by the end of the day Friday.