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Coach Noble says Goodbye

PATRICK MCAULEY ‘20 | SPORTS EDITOR •Earlier last week, Brent Noble. Head coach of the swimming team, announced his decision to step down as head coach. He has been at Wabash for five years, giving the team his best during the span.

“We first heard the news right after practice,” Sam Colaiacova ’19 said. “It hit very hard for a lot of us because he is more than just a coach.”

During his time at the College, Noble set a standard. Under his eye, seven athletes received All-NCAC Awards, including Jack Belford ’15 who placed first in the 500-yard freestyle dur- ing his senior year Conference Tournament. 11 athletes set school records in various events, including Aaron Embree ’19 and Kyle Louks ’19.

Beginning in 2015, swimmers from different classes set 15 school records on the freshman team, which propelled many of the young athletes into starting positions dur-
ing their following years. Furthermore, Noble coached Zachariah Banks ’16, who received All- American Honors in the 100-yard and 200-yard

breaststroke back in 2016. Lastly, Coach Noble won the 2016 Conference Coach of the Year. He has various accolades. Many of the swimmers attribute their success to his unique character- istics and coaching style.

Noble cared about his swimmers. Embree, who joined the team during his sophomore
year at Wabash, developed a relationship with Noble right off the bat. In an interview, the young diver spoke about the intermediate period when divers must qualify for nationals at regionals. It is time classified by solidarity and individuality as the divers constantly hone their skills to make the national tournament.

“Brent is always there,” he said with a mas- sive smile on his face. “He cares so much about every single swimmer and diver on the team. I think that is why this is so hard for everybody.”

Though hard, the team now looks ahead for what is to come: a new coach. According to sources on the team, the guys have not heard about an official declaration.

“It’s still very early,” Colaiacova said. “We have heard some names of potential candi- dates.” Though they do not know much about what to expect, both Embree and Colaiacova understand the type of coach that their team needs and deserves.

“Somebody that is willing to listen and really get to know who they are coaching,” Embree said. “Somebody who wants the best for every- one.”

Similarly, Colaiacova mentioned the impor- tance of the new coach’s understanding of Wabash. “[A coach] that is understanding of tradition, one that is understanding of a liberal arts education, and one that can push guys in more than just swimming.”

It is these characteristics that will continue to push the culture of the Wabash swim team towards achieving fine results, but Coach Noble played a big role in that. Nonetheless, Noble will see new opportunities. He is off to the University of Evansville, where he will move with his family. We wish him the best at his new job.