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Wabash says goodbye to Professor Mills

JOSEPH REILLY | EDITOR-IN-CHIEF • Jessie Mills, BKT Assistant Professor of Theater, impacted many students while teaching at Wabash College. Using her emotive teaching style, brilliant and adaptive directorial style, and ability to perceive precisely what students are struggling with in life and the classroom, Mills connected to students in a human way. She displayed her directional prowess while at Wabash
in Stage Lights, The 10 Simple Rules to Become a Gentleman, The Aliens, Misanthrope, Peter and the Starcatcher, and The Glass Menagerie. In the classroom, Mills has pushed students to step out of their comfort zones in their authentic display of emotion in THE – 105, Introduction to Acting.

“Professor Mills does a really good job of promoting everything we take pride in in the Wabash culture in openness and having authentic discussions in class,” Zach Bleisch ’18 said. “Her class is the epitome of that. She takes seniors through freshmen, students who are jaded with, new to, or totally into the Wabash experience and in no time at all works with us to drop our shields and masks and have authentic interactions with each other. It really allows you to build the deepest relationships with people even only two weeks into the class.”

Mills impacted many students throughout her time at Wabash. Alumni still praise the significant influence Mills had on their Wabash careers.

“Downright one of the most energetic, motivating, and demanding people I have worked, acted, and been a student for, and that’s coming from a guy who’s in the Marine Corps,” Corey Egler ’15 said. “She makes an impact on her students on the first day of class or auditions with her, mainly because she makes them run. She arrived at Wabash my junior year and immediately made an impact on my Wabash career and Wabash as a whole. She challenges her students, not only physically, but also in the topic of thinking critically. She connects with everyone around her and her excitement and dedication is contagious. Her ability to bring everyone together for a cause is only a small part
of her amazing leadership qualities that everyone should want to emulate. I have been lucky to be able to stay in touch with her since I have graduated ,and she remained a constant mentor and I know does the same for other Wabash men.”

There is no doubt about it, Mills will be missed. The staff at The Bachelor wishes her well as she moves to her next project. We were lucky to journey with her for when we did, and look forward to seeing what achievements she will achieve in California.