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Wabash Golf falls to DePauw 4-2

PATRICK MCAULEY ‘19 | STAFF WRITER • Last week, the Wabash Men’s Golf Team took to the course as they competed against the Dannies from down south. The match had been rescheduled due to weather issues the week before. The Little Giants lost 2-4.

A large amount of energy had been built up going into the match. Furthermore, it was a match-play setting, which required all six starters to come ready and prepared to play their best shots. The guys were focused on playing their best, but the course conditions were making that difficult. The weather was cloudy all day. By the ninth and tenth holes, the wind even reached gusts of 25 and 30 miles per hour. Wind can play a major role in any golf match; it has a distinct ability to transform that path of the ball as

it moves through the air, making it tougher to reach the target. Although the weather conditions were fairly poor, the greens were rolling nicely. Crawfordsville Country Club was test for many of the players.

Having played there so much, it can be mentally straining when players make the same mistakes. Ben Kiesel ’20 mentions the stress of this phenomenon. “One hard part is that we play there so much, it sounds weird, but a lot of times you get these holes that you miss,” he said. “So, sometimes playing your home course is tough mentally.”

Despite the rough weather and some mistakes here and there, the guys were still playing against DePauw. They took it to them. Specifically, Sam Wise ’21 had a great round against Jacob Kelber. He finished one stroke ahead of the Tiger. Kiesel also finished one stroke ahead of his opponent Luis Estaban.


Devin Guard ’21 lost by a mere stroke to his opponent, Jason Miller. Kyle Warbinton ‘20, Wabash’s number one spot, lost a very close individual match against Nick Burris. Will Osborn ’21 and Colin Graber ’18 both went down in their dual matches as well. It was a hard-fought match but the Danny’s prevailed.

This upcoming the weekend, the team will travel to Mansfield, OH for the North Coast Athletic Conference Championships. This tournament will mark the end of their season. Good luck to those Little Giants!