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Student Senate Presidential Election Underway

Joseph Reilly ’18 |Editor in Chief| The election for the next Student Body President and Vice-President is well underway on campus. After a decision by the Page-Gray administration to change the term timeline to a school-year term from a calendar-year term, elections for the Student Body President and Vice-President accelerated forward a semester to the spring. The other aspects of the election have remained the same, with the required submission of 50-signature petitions for tickets to get on the ballot, and a debate that happened today in Baxter 101. The Bachelor apologizes for its coverage of the election, as its typical print deadline did not easily fit with the election timeline. Here is a breakdown of the two tickets, both composed entirely of sophomores.

Kyle Warbinton ’20 and Charlie Brewer ’20 announced their bid in an all-students email last Thursday, in which they laid out their ideas for their term as the executives of the Student Body. They focused primarily on their vision, experience, and transparency as the goals of their administration. In the debate today, they further emphasized the importance of communication, both within the executive cabinet, the Senate itself, and between those two bodies and the student body at large. Warbinton specifically noted, “…that there was a lot of opportunity to make Senate more visible and we hope that the team we’ve put together will help us advance our larger projects including making an impact in the Crawfordsville community, working with Mayor Barton and the Stellar program, and some goals with the IAWM.”

The two tout their experience in Senate (Brewer has served on Senate in the past two administrations and on the Campus Life committee while Warbinton has been a Senator since his freshman year and on both the Crawfordsville to Campus Committee and the Constitution, Bylaw, and Policy Review Committee), claiming that the experience they have will allow them to make the improvements they know are needed. They plan on implementing presidential reports to make the student body aware of the ongoings of their committees as well as provide status updates for their own initiatives. Finally, they have committed to overhauling the Audit and Finance Committee so that its decisions and reasonings are clear and its communication is effective and efficient. By achieving these goals, the two hope to create a student government in which everyone can spend less time in meetings.

Arthur ‘Artie’ Equihua ’20 and M. Dayem Adnan ’20 announced their ticket Monday in similar fashion. They focused primarily on building a better Senate, campus, and student body by engaging as many people as possible. “By being involved in such a diverse set of activities on campus, Artie and I feel confident that we can reach out to individuals who may enrich our experiences as a collective voice of the student body,” Adnan said. He would know, as the current Chairman of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, a group that works to ensure that minority student groups are sufficiently represented in the student government. Adnan also currently serves as Vice-President of the International Students Association and the Secretary for Sons of Wabash, two roles that speak to his communication skills and team leading experience. Equihua also brings some outside perspective to the Senate and executive cabinet that is bolstered by his leadership position as Sigma Chi’s president, his teamwork experience on the Little Giant football team, and his discussion facilitation skills as a Wabash Democracy and Public Discourse Fellow. The two hope to engender a campus culture that will encourage larger and more enjoyable events which will occur more often. They recognized the social atmosphere as a priority and intend to investigate suggestions and throw events to encourage a fun, community-focused student experience that goes beyond tailgating and house parties. The two hope that by streamlining the efficiency of their executive team and acting as the representatives of the student body, not just its delegates, that they will engage each student in a personal way.

Both tickets expressed their appreciation to everyone for coming to the debate, and encouraged all who are able (freshmen, sophomores, and juniors) to look out for Jacob Roehm’s ’18 email and vote. Voting closes Sunday at noon.