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Student Senate Considers new Legislation with Referendum Vote

EDITOR • After weeks of speculation and rumors around campus, the Constitution Bylaw and Policy and Review Committee brought two amendments before the Student Senate last Tuesday. After unanimous approval by the Senate, a Constitution Referendum is underway. The Student Senate Executive Cabinet, led by President Oliver Page
’19, submitted a proposal for amending the Constitution of the Student Senate to reorganize the elections of Executive positions and to provide for the creation
of a special committee for this purpose. However, after discussion in Student Senate, the request was sent to the Constitution Bylaws and Policy Review Committee (CBPR) for creating amendments.

Once in the hands of the CBPR, the proposed amendments were crafted with assistance of a temporary addition of five persons to the CBPR for this purpose. The adding of members was a result of, “…resistance on creating a special committee,” Frank Russell ’20, Chairman of the CPBR, said. Once Student Senate Chairman Ahad Khan ’19 appointed the members, the CPBR crafted the amendments and submitted them to the Student Senate for approval or denial. After approval by the Senate, the Student Body received a referendum to vote on the proposals. Below are the proposed amendments:

1) Article III (Executive Branch)

Section 3. Executive Term. An executive term will be from the certification of the election results to the subsequent election at the end of the following academic year.

2) Article VII (Elections)

Section 2. Time for President
and Vice President. The election of the President and Vice President shall be held the week prior to final examinations each spring semester.

Section 3. Eligibility to vote
for President and Vice President. All members of the student body, except for those students graduating at the end of the semester in which the election

occurs, shall be able to cast a vote for President and Vice-President.

Section 4. Time for Representatives of Classes At-Large. The Election of the Representatives of Classes-at-Large shall be had the week prior to final examinations each fall semester.

If passed, the new changes will be enacted at the end of the semester, meaning the possibility of a new President and Vice-President of the Student of the Student Body for the upcoming school year. However, at large representatives will still be elected during the fall semester. Those elections will not be affected by the proposed changes.

“The current convocation will stay in place until next fall, keeping with regularly scheduled convocations” Nathan Gray ’20, Vice President of the Student Body, said. “This keeps with freshmen having freshman participation in the spring semester.”

Also, this means that current executive branch officials can keep their positions for another year if elected and appointed to those positions. However, after the first year, the executive cabinet will be formed over the summer recess to begin upon return in the fall.

According to Page and Gray, the change comes, “…because everyone has already scheduled their events for the spring. [It will] make it easier to coordinate with others on campus scheduling events.” If adopted, these proposed amendments could make events, “… more smoothly planned, possibly more frequent, and more cost effective,” Gray said. Also, the hope is that executive cabinets will have more time to plan events, keeping everyone in unison. Gray pointed to National Act as a major benefactor to the amendments by eliminating awkward transitional periods.

Therefore, as the referendum is now open, all current students, including seniors, may vote to either enact these changes to the Constitution or to keep the Constitution as is. Students should be sure to vote so your voice is heard in this Democratic Process.