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Wabash Falls to DePauw in Three Quarters

ZACH MOFFETT ‘20 | STAFF WRITER • Wabash finished off last weekend with a tough loss to Hope College, but they moved forward to take on Calvin College Saturday and host DePauw University on this past Tuesday. The Little Giants went faced some tough weather over the course of the past week, but this would not stop them from putting up a fight. They went into the weekend with a 2-6 record.

Wabash traveled up to Michigan to face 2-7 Calvin College last Saturday. The first period started a great battle between the two as Calvin struck first blood taking a three goal lead in the early part of the first period. Jake Taylor ‘20 broke the ice scoring the lonely

goal in the first period for the Little Giants. In the second period, Wabash dominated on both sides of the ball, scoring three goals from Steven Stark ]19 and Tucker Dixon ‘19 combined. The two allowed for a Wabash lead at the half. The Wabash defense also made a huge impact on the offensive charge as they only allowed Calvin to take nine shots in the second period. Wabash had the lead at half, 4-3.

The second half was another tough battle for the Little Giants as they

started off the third period with another goal from Taylor. Calvin finally scored again breaking up the Wabash rhythm, but Wabash responded with another goal from Stark, putting him at three goals on the day. Calvin fought back towards the end of the third period and took down the Wabash lead and tied the game going into the fourth period at six all. Wabash struggled in the fourth period as Calvin led off with two goals to start the fourth before the Little Giants responded putting them down by one. However, the Little Giants failed to stay in it as they allowed two more goals at the end of the game finalizing the Calvin win. Wabash took 20 total shots on Calvin, but they allowed Calvin 50 shots on net. The Final score of the game was Wabash 7, Calvin 10.

Wabash followed the loss to Calvin with a big conference home game against (3-8) DePauw. Wabash started behind the Tigers in the first period
as they trailed 3-0. DePauw scored six goals before Wabash struck with its first goal from Collin Brennan ’19 in the second period. Wabash scored two more goals from Stark and Dixon in the second period. The Tigers added to their lead, scoring a total of eight

goals in the second period. At the half, DePauw led 11-3. The game continued into the third period only to allow for DePauw to add three more goals, and Stark added one more before the game was ended after the third due to the inclement weather and the darkness. The final score of the game was DePauw 14, Wabash 4. Max Atkins ’20 finished with eight saves in the game, and Stark led the in goals with two.

“I think our play wasn’t reflective of our capability,” Andrew Weiland ’19

said. “We have the potential to play much better and that will come with a shift in attitude. We have the pieces to the puzzle, we just have to figure out how to put it together. We just have to go out and execute.”

The Little Giants move to 2-8 on the season. They head in to their next game at Hiram College on Saturday at 1:00 p.m. Live stats can be followed on the lacrosse page for Wabash. Good luck, Wabash lacrosse.