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National Act Update

IAN WARD ’19 | ONLINE EDITOR • As the late March snowstorm bore down on Crawfordsville two weeks ago, Senate made the preliminary decision to postpone part one of 2018’s National Act. However, after a fruitful discussion last Tuesday in Student Senate, they made the further decision to cancel the Act for various reasons.

Once the snowy forecast seemed imminent, and discussion by both parties commenced on Friday afternoon, the postponement appeared as the only logical decision. This decision was made with a heavy heart, however with the best interest of all parties involved.

“We wanted to keep those guests who were coming to campus safe,” Nathan Gray ’20, Vice President of the Student Body, said.

After this initial decision occurred, the discussion regarding rescheduling began. When given options Tuesday, the Student Senate unanimously decided that rescheduling this semester was not in the best interest of the Student Body. Further particulars were not forthcoming from the Student Body cabinet, as requests for detailed budget breakdowns and additional comments went unanswered.

After correspondence over the weekend between Wale representatives and the Student Senate Executive Cabinet headed by Nathan Gray ’20,
a makeup date of April 27, 2018, was proposed as a tentative solution that

satisfied both parties. This date is the Friday of “dead week” and costs more than any previous National Act in the last three years. The cost comes the staging “bought” for concert one, (at
a loss of $20,000 of Student Senate funds due to a failure to insure the event). If rescheduled, the stage needs to be repurchased at the same price. This loss puts total staging’s cost at $40,000 for one concert, plus a $30,000 singing contract, a $3,000 agent fee, totaling $73,000 for one event. This estimate does not include the costs

for the separate B.o.B. concert, which are estimated to be $60,000. With the B.o.B. costs included, the total for the 2018 National Act comes in at around $123,000. In comparison, the last three years National Acts costs have been lower. The cabinet of Student Senate did not provide exact numbers when requested.

The denial of rescheduling for this semester came in part from to
a conversation on the viability of scheduling Wale for the fall semester. This idea does have precedent, as in 2015 there was an opening concert to kick off the school year. (Any reality regarding this possibility is unknown, as the Student Senate Executive Cabinet did not return a request for comment). However, after all of the bumps in
the road and questions remaining unanswered, students still have the opportunity to experience the music of rap artist B.o.B. two weekends from now.