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JAKE VERMEULEN ’21 | STAFF WRITER • Almost everything
on campus was affected by the unexpected winter storm last weekend. Among the things impacted the most severely was the first Admitted Students Weekend of the year. Events were scheduled throughout both Friday and Saturday, but due to safety concerns for those travelling, the events on Saturday, as well as a few on Friday evening had to
be canceled. Among the events affected by the cancellations were Fraternity Rush on Friday night, and a Networking 101 event on Saturday morning.

The cancellations were unfortunate all around, but the Enrollment and Admissions Office attempted to make the best out of a bad situation. They pushed ahead with most of Friday’s agenda, giving prospective students the opportunity to explore the campus and get acquainted with some of the academic programs on campus. They also invited fraternities to send representatives to eat lunch and dinner with the visiting students and are hoping to bring many of them back to the next Admitted Students Weekend on April 13th and 14th. They are also hoping to reach out to prospective students that were on campus this past weekend with more information about fraternities on campus, and how to get involved with them.

The next Admitted Students Weekend in April will have a very similar schedule to what was planned for this past weekend. Friday’s events will focus primarily on getting prospective students acquainted with campus life, as well as “academic opportunity sessions” which give them the opportunity to explore areas
they are interested in studying at Wabash. Meanwhile, Saturday’s events will focus on giving them an overview of the curriculum at Wabash and alumnus Rob Shook

’83 will help get them started on every Wabash man’s favorite activity: networking.

According to Associate Director of Admissions Matt Bowers, the cancellations will have very little impact on the content of the next weekend, “students that attended this past weekend can come back [in] April so that they can specifically participate in Rush activities and get the meat of the programming on Saturday.” Admitted Students Weekend is, in many ways, very similar to Scarlet Celebration and other events that have taken place over the past few years, but Associate Director Bowers said that, “the college
as a whole has started working with ‘Freshman Onboarding’” in an attempt to get students to be fully prepared when they step on campus in the fall.

These events are crucial for the college to bring in new students. Associate Dean for Enrollment Heidi Carl said that, “about two- thirds of the students who come to one of these weekends will end up here in the fall.” She also said that current students play an important role during these weekends, and that the connections prospective students make on campus are crucial for getting them to commit to Wabash. Current students are also important for allaying concerns that prospective students may have about—among other things—attending a small, all-male college in rural Indiana. Senior Assistant Director of Admissions Julia Wells also said that helping to create a “welcoming nature” on campus is “powerful to these prospective students.”

Associate Director Bowers estimated that there are currently about 120 students registered for the next Admitted Students Weekend and noted that they expected that number to increase as the date approaches and students who were on campus last weekend register to get to some of the things they missed.