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BRAXTON MOORE ’19 | NEWS EDITOR • Last week, the Sphinx Club held elections to determine officer positions for the upcom- ing year. While members of the Club con- sistently pride themselves on being campus leaders, the need for executive leadership within the group still exists to fulfill various roles and responsibilities. The previous EC board has stepped down, and have handed the reins over to President Samuel Hayes

’19, Vice President Scott Bye ’19, Treasurer Matthew Fajt ’20, and Secretary Enrique Vargas ’19.

With the new leadership of the Club in place, the executive members now look to the improvement of the group, to establish a greater sense of campus unity, and to continue to promote campus spirit and tradition at Wabash. Hayes, who follows former Club President Jacob Woodward ’18, spoke about his excitement to be named for the position, as well as the goals and vision he has for the Sphinx Club moving forward.

“It’s a great honor to be elected to President of the Sphinx Club,” Hayes said. “The Club has been at Wabash for decades, and many students have been a part of it over the years. At the same time, it’s a great responsibility as well. We’re expected to promote campus life and preserve the traditions that our students are aware of … we need to make sure that we are including the greater student body and faculty as well. It’s all part of the vision for One Wabash, and any way that the Club can improve student life around campus … that’s what our main goal is and will continue to be.”

While the roles of President, Vice President and Treasurer have been filled by new members this year, Vargas maintains his role as Secretary for the second year in a row. He spoke about Club goals, as well as his confidence in Hayes as President of the Club.

“Our main focus in the coming year is to establish better relations with other groups on campus,” Vargas said. “We’re brainstorming events to host in cooperation with shOUT
and the MXI. We want to increase the relationship between the Sphinx Club and other organizations. Woodward helped to plan out the campus March Madness with the MXI this year, and we are also going to plan an event with shOUT concerning mental health week, which would involve a panel of students to talk about mental health awareness. We also want the Rhynies to wear some rainbow tape on their placards to show solidarity for LGBT students. I’m proud of my Rhyne Brother, Sam. I believe he’s the best person for the role as president, and I know he will be organized and will communicate his goals for the Club to both the EC and the student body.”


Former Sphinx Club President Woodward also echoed Vargas’ sentiments in his confidence in Hayes for the leadership position, and briefly touched upon the achievements of the Club that he experienced during his time as president.

“Being elected president was by far the best day of my life thus far,” Woodward said. “It
was an incredible honor being able to serve as president of an organization that is comprised of so many distinguished individuals. During my time as president, I was able to work hands on with multiple other campus leaders to help build and develop both unity and cohesion between entities that we have previously not worked with in the past. Over the past year, the Sphinx Club continued to protect the cherished traditions of Wabash College, but arguably more importantly built upon them and developed new traditions for future generations to share in order to make a more inclusive environment for all members of the Wabash Community. These positive changes that the college and the Sphinx Club have made over the course of the year excite me, as Sam Hayes and his new executive team prepare to take over this spring. They are experienced, involved, and dedicated to the betterment of the club and the campus alike and I wish them all the best.”


Hayes also further expounded upon the goals he hopes the Club will achieve in the coming years, and talked about how the group hopes to tackle these objectives with the new leadership in place.

“One of our biggest goals for the Sphinx Club this next year is to get more involvement in student events on campus,” Hayes said. “Not only increased Sphinx Club member participation, but also more students in general to more athletic events, theater performances, and talks on campus… just making sure that we consistently have good turnouts for these events that so many people in the Wabash community put a lot of work into. I feel like that goal coincides well with the aim to increase campus unity. We want to show everyone that this is a brotherhood that supports one another. It’s going to take quite a bit of work up front, but once we get into the motion, it will be significantly easier to maintain.”