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Visit Weekend Pluarality

AUSTIN RUDICEL ’20 | STAFF WRITER • As Wabash is constantly changing and looking for ways to improve, the college made significant changes in the annual Admitted Student Weekend. The Admitted Student Weekend is an overnight visit where admitted prospective students are invited to Wabash’s campus to stay the night in fraternities and dormitories to get a better feel for life on campus. There are many events held by the college and living units to promote campus unity and reasons to attend Wabash for students who have decided to accept or who are still deciding. Although this event was previously one weekend, Wabash divided the Admitted Student Weekend into two separate Admitted Student Weekends.

The first Admitted Student Weekend is scheduled for March 23 with the second one held on April 13. With two separate dates, Wabash hopes to provide an opportunity for more admitted students to attend as they now have an option of when they would like to visit. The Admitted Student Weekends are also the first opportunity when fraternities may extend bids to future Wabash students. In creating two events, many fraternities are looking for ways to adapt to the change as now they have two opportunities for rush events.


Michael Reising ’20, Phi Delta Theta Rush Chair, is looking for new ways to adapt his fraternities’ usual plans for Admitted Student Weekend from one weekend into two. Phi Delt has always held their annual “Phi Delt Bouts” on this weekend in which admitted students can get a ringside seat to intense, yet safe, boxing matches between brothers of Phi Delta Theta, but this event will only be for the first weekend.


“It is nice to see Wabash try to get more students to attend by offering two weekends, but it puts more pressure on rush chairs to put things together for two weekends
as opposed to one,” Reising said. Although there is pressure to create a separate rush event for the second weekend, Reising is working alongside other rush chairs on the East side of campus to promote all fraternities and make sure students will explore other houses.

To help motivate prospective students to tour multiple houses, a new punch card system will be utilized for the Admitted Student Weekends in which the admitted students will be given punch cards to be stamped at various fraternities and if the student fills enough of the punch card, they will be entered into a drawing for a prize.


Keith Owen ‘20, Phi Gamma Delta Rush Chair, also holds some concerns for the two weekends as they are very important rush periods and will require twice as much planning. “It will be a learning process to adapt to the changes,” Owen said. “We will have to be flexible and find a way to overcome the differences with having two different weekends for admitted students.”

Although this change for Admitted Student Weekend is new, it holds potential to be successful by creating more opportunities for students to visit Wabash and learn about campus life. More visits to campus equate to larger incoming classes. With the first Admitted Student Weekend next weekend starting March 23, current Wallies will find out potentially how beneficial or detrimental having multiple weekends could be.