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standing t.a.l.l. under the desert sun

PATRICK MCAULEY ‘19 | STAFF WRITER • Over the course of spring break here at Wabash College, some students go home to enjoy a week of Netflix, others hit the beaches of Florida, and some take to the sports field for healthy competition. This past week, the Little Giants baseball team flew out to Tucson, Arizona for seven games. They were tested both physically and mentally.


To begin the long week of games, Wabash defeated Simpson College 6-5, but came off a tough loss to Briar Cliff – a top NAIA team in the country. This loss did not stop them from performing well, as it was their only loss for the week. The team went on to win four consecutive games while in the Grand Canyon State. They defeated Bethany Lutheran College, 10-2, Marian University (Wisconsin), 12-2 and ended with two wins against North Central University (8-1, 11-5). The team’s success came from the hard work and focus of key players on the field.


Their batting and pitching saved them many times throughout the week. In first game against Simpson, Jackson Blevins ’20 had an RBI double. The NCAC Player of the Week also went on to hit two triples in the same game to tie the school record. Henry Wannemuehler ’20 also had some impressive hits against Marian; the young gun hit two doubles late in the game. Zach Moffett ’20 and Kevin O’Donnell ’19 both completed their first save of the season, which means they both pitched for at least three innings at the end of the game without giving up the lead. Eric Murphy ’20 and Erich Lange ’19 combined for a 6-1/3 no-hitter against Marian, and Murphy took home his second win on the mound. Overall, these few players added to the overall success of the Little Giants. Records were set, runs were scored, and pitches were thrown with grace.

These games gave the baseball squad a sense of truth during their time in Arizona. When it comes to truth in sports, it can either be hard or fulfilling. For these Little Giants, they were able to see where they stood this early in the season, and more especially do so

in warmer weather. Jordan Hansen ’18 speaks about the team’s overall potential. “Arizona overall, with our 6-1 record included, allowed us to see what potential we have as a team truly,” he said. “Exciting nonetheless. At the same time, it exposed our weaknesses and faults as a team early on, before conference play.” A team that is able to find their faults early on, while also realize their ability to play well down the road is setting themselves up for success. The Wabash Baseball team plays at Hanover College this Saturday at 1 p.m.