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National Act Reimagined

JACKSON BLEVINS ’20 | STAFF WRITER • The transition from a frigid winter to a warm spring is always an exciting time, especially on college campuses. Spring time generally brings improved morale and a willingness to get outside and be more social. National Act is bookmarked as a day where students can use funds allocated to have a performance for the whole student body. National Act garnered many different opinions over the past few years, as some students believed performances by Logic (2016) and DJ Carnage (2017) were a success, while other students questioned why our college would bring these artists to our campus. After intense campus discussion and a changing of leadership, Student Body President Oliver Page ‘19 and Vice President Nathan Gray ’20 decided to redefine how National Act affects social life here at Wabash.

After much debate, Page and Gray decided to split National Act into two different dates. Wale will perform on March 24 at Chadwick Court in the Allen Center as a more traditional National Act. On top of Wale, B.O.B. will perform on April 14, and the two are optimistic that B.O.B. will be able to perform outside to make it a more exciting and close-up experience for the students. The two acts will be free for Wabash students to attend with their Wabash ID and $20 for anyone who does not attend the College.

National Act became a subject
of restructure since it had become apparent in past years that our student government was not spending money in the most efficient manner. By spending $30,000 on two separate acts for a total of around $60,000, the new President and Vice President believe this is a smarter way to allocate money approved through Student Senate. Also, Page combined opinions of his peers and motives for improving social life at Wabash to help formulate a new National Act, which hopes to improve social life at Wabash and keep students on campus on the weekends.

“Our whole goal with National Act is to have more weekends where people stay on campus,” Page said. “One of my biggest concerns since I’ve been here is that people leave

campus on the weekends. We believe with this plan we’ll have something going on every weekend in the spring, and that’ll make people want to stay on campus.”

Gray cited that the model of one National Act in the past left some students unable to attend the event, an all or nothing sort of participation.

“We are confident that this model will allow more students to attend National Act,” Gray said. “If students can attend both that is great, but we wanted to make sure that students who have different commitments on different dates will have another opportunity to get this experience.”

The aspirations of Page, Gray, and many others did not formulate into a completed plan without some hiccups. Both weekends are admitted students weekends, a time for future Wabash men to spend a Friday and Saturday night on campus. Having
an abundance of high schoolers attending the concert is not the ideal situation for our campus, and this is a problem that the two have monitored very closely.

“Oliver and I are very aware that there are some challenges,” Gray said. “We are working very closely will all involved parties such as the Admissions Office, IFC, and the Athletic Department to make sure we can pull of fun, safe, and appropriate weekends for National Act.”

“It was never our intention to schedule them on admitted students weekends, it just happened that way with scheduling and availability,” Page said. “We’ve been working with admissions specifically to make sure that the admitted students weekends and National Act are separated properly and to ensure that everything runs smoothly.”

Gray and the Events Committee are finalizing the logistics for the Wale concert in just a few weekends, and the two new leaders are optimistic that this year’s National Act will bring new life to campus. “We’re trying to create an atmosphere that is fun, that makes people want to stay on the weekends,” Page said.

Will this revitalized plan reignite social life on campus? Stay tuned, as the speakers will be bumping in just a few weeks.