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PATRICK MCAULEY ‘19 | STAFF WRITER • This past week, the Wabash College Swimming and Diving team placed fourth at the NCAC Conference Championships in Granville, Ohio with an overall score of 1,154 points. The Little Giants trailed DePauw University by one point, however, this was the team’s best overall finish in school history.

Team chemistry develops confidence on this swim squad. As an all-male college of 800+ students, cohesiveness and brotherly support were two factors that play into the overall Wabash experience. When it comes to the pool, it is hugely important that guys commit to each other to further progress the success of the season and the program as a whole. This seems to not be a problem. Head Coach Brent Noble attests to the tight- knit nature on his team and how it has helps them get work done in the water. “Our guys like each other, they like training together, and they understand that they have worked toward something together this year,” Noble said. “All the guys have a great time and that typically translates to good swimming.” Not only are the guys very close, but they truly enjoy the experience of being an athlete at Wabash. Changes in training play just as much of a role as the fun factor.


End of the season swimming requires new tactics during practice. For swimmers, this adjustment is known as tapering: the declination

of practice before a big race or meet. The height of the squad’s training occurred over winter break when they headed to sunny Florida. For the past three weeks, however, coaches have been focusing on the finer details and improving the minor flaws of the guys. There is still hard work during practice, but having rest is essential to performing come championship time. This year was different.

The guys are tasting success. A lot of how a team performs comes down what they did to prepare and how the team went about doing it. Noble believes swimmers and divers had a different mindset during practice as opposed to past years. “Guys worked harder this year and prepared a little better by asking more of themselves,” he said. “The attitude was good and they were eager to get better and work to get there.” The results show the effects.

Finishing fourth was not the final goal but some individuals played significant roles to create a solid performance. Jan Dziadek ’21 gained all NCAC honors in the 100 medley, after scoring a time of 51.34 seconds. Chris Dabrowksi ’18 ruptured his personal school record in the 1650 freestyle event with a time of 15:49.50. In the final race, Dakota Rhodes ’18, Benny Liang ’20, Dziadek, and Wesley Slaughter ’18 finished fifth in the 400-yard relay. The Little Giants still have the DIII Diving Regionals and the DIII Swimming Nationals coming up, so stay tuned!