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AUSTIN RUDICEL ’20 | STAFF WRITER • When people notice an issue, it is easy to complain and expect others to change. It takes a certain type of person who is willing to attempt to make the change themselves. When it comes to the issue of finding new ways to unify campus, Oliver Page ‘19 decided he would reach beyond simply complaining and would find ways to make significant changes on campus.

Page decided to run for Student Body President with some support from friends but ran into the issue of lacking student senate experience. Although he has plenty of leadership experience from being a captain of the football team and president of Sigma Chi, Page did not know much about the operations within Student Senate.To overcome this lack of experience, it was recommended by former Student Body President Jack Kellerman ‘18 to run alongside other candidate Nathan Gray ‘20 who had experience within Student Senate.

“I want to enhance the four year experience for students at Wabash,” Page said. Although Wabash offers a lot for students to get involved in, many times there is a lack of participation from campus. One problem Page is looking to resolve is that many people feel a lack of campus unity and activity.

“I’ve noticed a lot of people leave Wabash on the weekend to go to other schools,” Page said. “I want there to be more going on so people want to stay here.” Page is looking to create more campus events, and have more students participate in these activities.

A large event that students look forward to year after year is National Act, but Page is looking for a way to make this become something that goes beyond a single night activity. Instead of having one National Act, Page plans on dividing the event into multiple nights, taking up more than one weekend.

“We are thinking about three different events and have the whole weekend structured around them,” Page said. This structurized format will give students more reasons to stay at Wabash on the weekends instead of visit other schools. With multiple events instead of only one, Page hopes to unify campus

and find different things that draw in a more diverse audience.These changes are part of the push to create more activity for students to do at Wabash. There are also plans to create a social calendar that will create and balance campus-wide activities throughout the year. Page attributes this big change to Kellerman.

“We inherited a good situation from Kellerman,” Page said. In following Kellerman’s footsteps, Page intends to further improve the changes made and create his own changes to improve the Wabash experience for students.

Page is looking for different ways to improve campus life and encourages students to talk with him and give him feedback on things that they want to see changed. With such a diverse campus, students have many different perspectives, but the one unifying quality is that they are all Wabash men. When it comes to making large scale changes on campus, it takes more than just one Wabash man, and students must work together if they want to make Wabash a better place.