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ANDREW HARVEY ’21 | STAFF WRITER • If you attend a Glee Club concert, you might see a small group break off from the main ensemble. A quick glance at a pro- gram provides you with an expla- nation: these are the T-Tones. The T-Tones is a small group within the Glee Club that meets out- side of normal rehearsal times. While the main ensemble typi- cally focuses on grand pieces that require more voices, the T-Tones specialize in more intricate songs. Out of the roughly 40 members of the Glee Club, Jacob Anderson ‘21, Daniel Azar ‘18, Patrick Azar ‘19, Yongjin Yi ‘17, Taylor King ‘18, Eric Fritchley ‘19, John Vermeulen ‘21, Isaac Hunter ‘19, Jonathan Murdock ‘19, Samuel Stephenson ‘20, Timothy Riley ‘18, William Harvey ‘21, Viet Anh Tran ‘18, and Alejandro Reyna ‘17 make up the T-Tones group.

Last weekend, the T-Tones put on a Valentine’s Day themed concert at the Masonic Lodge in Crawfordsville. Titled “Life Could be a Dream,” this performance was a fun way to raise money for the upcoming Glee Club Boston tour. Reed Spencer, Choral Director
and Instructor of Music, hails from Boston, and he is excited for the trip. “This upcoming tour provides a really unique experience for the Glee Club members,” Spencer said. “We will sing with groups from Harvard, University of Massachusetts-Lowell, Gordon College, and Wooster Polytechnic Institute. This will give us an opportunity to understand music on a different level. Going on tour also will also provide the context and the space for us to bond together as a group.”

While the T-Tones usually perform at Glee Club concerts in Salter Hall, “Life Could be a Dream” was different. Audience members were treated to a delicious dinner and dessert while the T-Tones entertained with a mix of vocal and instrumental solos, full ensemble pieces, cheerful humor, and poem readings. The T-Tones

Daniel Azar ’18 loved to sing for friends and family. “The space was

very good for the acoustics, and everyone
I talked to afterwards really enjoyed the music and the hospitality the T-Tones

showed them,” Glee Club president Daniel Azar ‘18 said. “It was nice to be able to sing outside of a concert setting,” said Taylor King ‘18. “We were able to enjoy dinner and talk with some great faculty members. This was a fun opportunity for us to tap into our individual talents as instrumentalists and as soloists as well.”

The T-Tones were grateful to Bon Appetit for the food, the Masonic Lodge for the venue, and all who attended for

an opportunity to perform. Although tickets sold out several days before the event, the T-Tones plan on repeating this event next year. “We hope to have a larger space to perform in next year,” Spencer said. “I think an event like a Valentine’s banquet placed in the community allows Wabash faculty, staff, and students to mingle with Crawfordsville, the Montgomery County community, and with parents. This was a combination of both a musical and a social event. We want to include as many people as possible. Be on the lookout for ticket sales early next year.”

If enjoying a dinner with family and friends while vocalists from a certain all-male liberal arts college sing for you strikes you as being right up your alley, then mark your calendars for next year’s T-Tones performance banquet