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Wabash Falls in Nail-biter

By Zach Moffett ’20- Wabash just finished their weekend trip to Oberlin with a final score of 70-57. They would take on the team from down south Depauw Wednesday with a record of (10-13) overall. The Little Giants would take on the Dannies in their last home game of the year. Wabash struggled early and would continue to struggle through the rest of the game. Wabash shot 46% from the field and 55.5% from behind the arc in the first half. The defense could not manage in the paint as Depauw put up 34 points for the whole game. The Wabash offense also struggled with turning the ball over 11 times through the course of the game. They would finish the first half trailing 37-33. The second half the defense would step it up for the Little Giants, but the offense could not find a way to put things together. Wabash shot under 40% both from the field and behind the arc. The Little Giants would fight back at the end of the game to come within one, but failed to convert the last second shot of the game. The final score was Wabash 61 Depauw 62.