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JACKSON BLEVINS ’20 | STAFF WRITER • College is a time period where one can grow in many ways. Life’s challenges lead to personal growth, rigorous courses help students improve academically, and young adults can experience the social life of their desire. However, as seniors’ college experience winds down, the focus begins to shift towards starting a professional career, or what most call “entering the real world”. It is no secret that Wabash is one of the best at job placement for their graduating classes, as the Princeton Review rated our Career Services at eighth best in

the country.
98% of the Class of 2018 have already found their first destination after college, a number that is well above the national average. Some students have a unique opportunity right upon graduation. The Orr Fellowship is a two-year program in Indianapolis that pairs participants with successful companies to develop them as the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs, all while allowing them to collaborate and learn outside of work.

The Fellowship is awarded to graduating seniors who have

demonstrated academic ability and strong leadership potential. Candidates attend many networking events and did multiple interviews, and out of around 1,100 applicants, only 70 were chosen. Since the Fellowship began in 2002, many Wabash men have received the honor, but there have never been four recipients in one year. Seniors Jordan Hansen, Zackery Carl, Brian Parks, and Joseph Walters were awarded the Orr Fellowship late last semester.

Hansen is a political science major from Lowell, Indiana. He is a member of Phi Gamma Delta, Vice President of the Sphinx Club, and captain on the baseball team. Hansen will be working at Indiana University Health after graduation. Hansen heard about the Fellowship through one of his role models and Fellowship award winner, Connor Rice ’17. “Connor got me interested in it,” Hansen said. “I wanted to emulate him and ultimately did some research and saw the impact the Fellowship has on its members and the Indianapolis community as a whole. Internships that I got through Wabash gave me valuable experience and over my time at Wabash I have learned how to articulate my story. I’m trying to take in the last few bits at Wabash, but I am really excited to move onto the next phase of my career and to make a size-able impact in Indianapolis.”

Carl is a financial economics major and a member of Phi Gamma Delta and the Sphinx Club, and is currently a senior partner with the CIBE. The Poseyville, Indiana native will be working at Lacy Diversified Industries, an investment company, after graduation. Carl saw many Wabash men become Fellows and wanted to follow in their footsteps.
“I was stoked when I found out I was awarded the Fellowship,” Carl said.
“I was very happy with the company I was assigned to and was excited to see other Wabash men win as well. Wabash taught me how to connect and interact with people. Also, the internships and experiences given to me by Career Services and the CIBE helped me grow. It’s a weird feeling that my time at Wabash is coming to an end, but I’m really looking forward to another new experience in life.”

Parks is from Indianapolis, Indiana. Parks is busy on campus as a mathematics major, resident assistant in Martindale Hall, and he was a football captain. Parks will also be working at Indiana University Health after graduation. A mentor during his time at Arsenal Technical High School introduced him to the Fellowship, and

he saw the impact it had on his career. “I saw my fellow football teammates Eddie Cmehil ’16 and Connor Rice ’16 go through the Fellowship, and that caught my attention,” Parks said. “They helped me throughout the interview process and assisted me in any way they could. My experiences at Wabash really helped me prepare for the interviews and putting myself out there. I wasn’t too nervous throughout the process, and I got to be myself. I feel very blessed and honored to be able to be a part of a great company like IU Health.”

Walters is an economics major and is active on campus. The Green Bay, Wisconsin native is a member of Sigma Chi, Sons of Wabash, and participates in College Mentors
for Kids. Walters was assigned to work with hc1.com, a company that combines healthcare and technology. Walters heard about the Fellowship through his fraternity brother and Fellowship participant Chris Stazinski ’16. “Talking to Chris allowed me to figure out what the Fellowship was,” Walters said. “The experiences he was having inspired me to apply. Wabash opens doors you would never even realize were there. I truly believe the liberal arts education allows
you to connect with people in many spectrums of life. I’m excited to dive into the city of Indianapolis as well as the company.”