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ZACH MOFFETT ‘20 | STAFF WRITER • The Little Giants took on a weekend series against conference teams Hiram and Allegheny. Both teams have struggle in the conference, but would prove to be a test.

The Wabash College basketball team (10-10, 6-7 NCAC) escaped with a
win Friday night, defeating the Hiram Terriers (12-8, 8-5 NCAC), 78-74. The Little Giants led all game after the first 1:30 in the first half, but never led by more than 16 points all game. The Wabash guards took command of the game. Connor Rotterman ’21 and Jack Davidson ’21 led the team with 27 and 30 points, respectively. They shot combined 64% from the field while the rest of the team shot 51%. After the first half, Wabash lead 38-31. The intensity picked in the second half, as Hiram quickly cut the lead to 3 in the first five minutes. However, Wabash responded with a 16-0 run in the next five minutes. As the intensity picked of the ball. Wabash took a lead early struggled to get the offense rolling

up, so did the fouls. By the end of the game, three players fouled out. This lead to the importance of foul shots. Wabash made 68.9% of their foul shots, while Hiram only made 53%. This key difference provided the Little Giants with the win.

The Little Giant basketball team finished their weekend series with
a struggling Allegheny College team Saturday. The Gators are 5-15 overall and 2-11 in the NCAC. Friday night, Wabash took the win against conference opponent, Hiram College. Wabash came into the Saturday game determined to win. “We have to get a W with the last half of the season it is important for us so we can try and get a 4th seed and host one here in the conference tournament,” Logan White ‘19 said.

The Little Giants and the Gators both struggled on the offensive side and would hold that lead throughout the first half. The Wabash defense held the Gators to 30 in the first half. The Gators shot 42.9% from the field and 28.6% from behind the arc. Wabash did not shoot well as they were 37.5% from the field and 29.4% behind the arc. At the end of the first half, the Wabash led 35-30. The second half

was not different for the Little Giants as they continued to struggle shooting on offense. Alex Eberhard ’20, Connor Rotterman ’21, and Harrison Hallstrom ’20 all finished with 11 points and Jack Davidson ’21 finished with 23 points. Defensively, Wabash created 11 turnovers and had 34 rebounds. As the Wabash defense led the way, they pulled off the with a final score of Wabash 72, Allegheny 61.

Wabash faced one of it’s toughest test yet as they faced the #3 ranked Wittenberg University on the road Wednesday. The Little Giants as they were held to 28 points in the first half. Wabash shot 30% from the field and 38% from beyond the arc. At the end of the half, Wittenberg led 38-28. Wabash responded in the second half as only Wabash teams know how. The Little Giants offense shot for 48.8% from the field and 50% from outside the arc. They were able to challenge top ranked Wittenberg putting up 44 points in the second half. Despite the valiant efforts, Wabash could not hold on as Wittenberg put up 46 in the second half. Wittenberg won with a final score of Wittenberg 84, Wabash 72.


The Little Giants will now face conference opponent Oberlin College Saturday, before heading into their last week of the regular season. They will finish their regular, home season at home against DePauw University on Wednesday. Tipoff is scheduled for 7:30 p.m.