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AUSTIN RUDICEL ‘20 | STAFF WRITER • With a month off from school for Winter Break, many students took this opportunity to visit the movie theater to see some of the popular films that came out recently. Many people flooded the theaters to see
the latest installment in the Star Wars franchise, The Last Jedi. Although audiences had a mixed response to this movie, there were many other films that were released in late 2017 that people may have missed. With
the recent Golden Globe Awards and the upcoming Academy Awards in March, many films that moviegoers might have overlooked rose to the top and received several nominations and awards. Here is a list of some recently released movies from Winter Break that you should see.

THE DISASTER ARTIST- The Disaster Artist tells the behind-the- scenes story of the making of the cult classic film, The Room. If you have not seen The Room, it is recommended
to move that to the top of your must watch list, as there is nothing like
it. The Disaster Artist stars James Franco, along with his brother Dave, as the dynamic duo Tommy Wiseau and co-star Greg Sestro who move
to Hollywood to chase their shared dream of becoming famous actors. This comedy based on a true story will leave you laughing and greeting your friends with “Oh, hai Mark” for weeks.

THE POST- Nominated for many Golden Globes along with Oscar nominations for Best Picture and Best Leading Actress, The Post is

a suspenseful retelling of The Washington Post deciding to go against the government and publish classified documents that exposed
lies from the government during the Vietnam War. These papers would later be known as The Pentagon Papers, and by publishing them to inform the public, The Washington Post created a sense of trust in the news as people now knew the news would attempt to protect them from government scandals. As a film about the significance of news reporting, The Bachelor staff highly recommends this movie.

MOLLY’S GAME- If you are a fan of playing poker, this movie is directed towards you. Molly’s Game tells the true story of Molly Bloom, a former olympic skier, who quits sports to
take part in hosting a secret, high- stakes, poker game where celebrities, business leaders, and anyone with
lots of money can come gamble. After being busted by the FBI, Molly must present her case that she did not make

any money illegally from hosting the poker games. After seeing this movie, you might feel inspired to host your own secret high-stakes poker game at Wabash.

THE GREATEST SHOWMAN- Starring Hugh Jackman, Zendaya, and Zac Efron, The Greatest Showman is
a musical that tells the story of P.T. Barnum in his journey in starting from nothing to becoming the iconic showman of the world famous circus. Winning a Golden Globe for best original song and nominated for an Academy Award in the same category, the songs of The Greatest Showman are incredibly catchy and joyful and will be stuck in your head for weeks.

If you are looking for an exciting movie that will leave you with a warm feeling in your chest, this is the movie for you.

THE SHAPE OF WATER- Nominated for over a dozen Academy Awards
and winner of The Golden Globes
for Best Director, The Shape of

Water is Guillermo del Toro’s most extraordinary film. In The Shape of Water, Elisa is a cleaner for a secret government facility who cannot speak due to a childhood injury damaging her vocal cords. When the government finds and captures a mysterious Creature from the Black Lagoon-esque creature, Elisa must risk her life to rescue the creature

from impending dissection. THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE

EBBING, MISSOURI- Frances McDormand gives an award winning performance as Mildred Hayes, the mother of a child who was abducted and murdered. After a year of no leads, she rents three billboards and puts a message to attack the chief of police for his lack of progress. The film is an intense battle between
a justice seeking mother and the entire police force that escalates her to further and further heights. With seven Academy Award nominations including Best Picture, you must be misreading the signs if you do not see this movie.