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ANDREW HARVEY ‘21 | STAFF WRITER • The Wabash tennis team began their season with victories at Augustana College this past Saturday, besting Augustana and Edgewood College. George Go ’18, Krill Ivashchenko ’18, Nicholas Pollock ’18, William Reifeis ’18, Jordan Greenwell ’19, Patrick McAuley ’19, and Andrew Denning ’20 are taking up racquets for Wabash this season. Heach Coach Jason Hutchison, entering his 14th season as coach, is looking forward to upcoming matches.

“We are excited for this season because of the experience on our roster,” Hutchison said. “Every member of this team has played in a varsity match at some point in their career. That experience should put us in positions to be successful in tight matches.”

Hutchison is not the only person excited for this season. McAuley shared similar sentiments. “Not only are we good tennis players, but our team is really well-rounded personality wise,” McAuley said. “Because of that, we are very cohesive on and off the court. We’ve all been working very hard to stay in shape for this season. Confidence and chemistry are our strengths.” A lack of spirit will certainly not trouble the Little

Giant tennis team. Both coach and player believe the tennis team will triumph
in the face of tough opposition this season. “I feel confident
that we are going to excel in pressure situations because of
the experience that I described earlier,” Hutchison said. “Plus, our team chemistry is outstanding. These guys genuinely want to see each other excel.”

“When playing against teams that are good at tennis historically, we just have to believe that we can beat them,” McAuley said. “Coach Hutch encourages to push each other, to see not only intrinsic motivation, but also to elevate each other to succeed. As long as that mentality is present, we can win.” The tennis team strives to

have the Wabash student body’s support. There are plenty of opportunities to watch the tennis team play this month. At home, the tennis team will face Oberlin College on Feb. 3 and Kalamazoo College on Feb. 4. Then, the team will travel to John Carroll University and Case Western Reserve University on Feb. 10. After, the team is at against Kenyon College on Feb. 17 and Wheaton College on Feb. 24. Additional schedule information for the tennis team can be found online at sports.wabash.edu. Wallies, let’s get out there and cheer on our tennis team.