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Basketball Defeats Kenyon; Moves to 9-10


Harrison Hallstrom ’20 Drives to the Basket (Photo By- Ian Ward ’19)

By Zachary Moffett

The Little Giants basketball team is making strides this season. They just came off a tough loss against top conference opponent, the College of Wooster. Wabash took on Kenyon College at home Saturday. Kenyon is 6-12 overall in the 2017-2018 season. The Little Giants went into the contest with a 8-10 record.
The first half, Wabash put up a performance defensively. They held Kenyon to shoot 32.1% from the field and 9.1% from beyond the arc. Kenyon only scored 24 points in the first half against Wabash. While the Wabash defense was solid, their offensive struggled. They turned the ball over seven times in the first half and only managed to put up 33 points in the first half against a weak Kenyon defense. Wabash shot 48.3% from the field and 27.3% from behind the arc. Jack Davidson ’21 lead the charge with 11 points and Harrison Hallstrom ’20 followed with eight points. At the end of the half, Wabash led 33-24.
The second half was similar to the first as Kenyon struggled to put it together all around. They only managed to put up 27 points in the second half. Their shooting percentage would change slightly, as they shot 28% from the field and 18.2% from three point range. They still were able to force Wabash to turn the ball over four more times. Despite the turnovers, the Wabash defense played fantastic. The Little Giants offense still fell into a little bit of a struggle in the second half. “We just have to get things going more on the offensive end,” Hallstrom said. “We are leaving a lot of shots that we have open.” The Little Giants take their ninth win this season. The final score was Wabash 65 Kenyon 51.
Wabash will take on their next two opponents at home against Hiram and Allegheny. Wabash moves to 9-10 overall and 5-7 in conference.