Celebrating 110 years of Student Journalism


ERIC CHAVEZ ‘19 | STAFF WRITER • Wabash is known for its ability to send its students into successful jobs right out of graduation. From the medical industry to running businesses, Wabash alumni are well spread across the career board. Steven Campbell ’92, the Vice President of Communications for the Colts, is no exception. With a major in political science and minor in speech (rhetoric), Campbell attended law school at Indiana University after graduation.

After Wabash, he became affiliated with the Colts and now oversees communications from the players to the front office and the front office to the fans. “I work a lot with sports media,” Campbell said. “I oversee the football and business side of communications while making sure my team is following NFL policy.” Campbell has to deal with a very diverse group of people throughout his work day and the liberal arts education he received at Wabash has really helped him with that. “Along with the team, I am also in charge of communicating with fans trying to build a solid fan base for the team,” he said. “I also reach out to the community; nonprofits, and charities.”

With a career so close to sports, one might think Campbell was a varsity athlete here at Wabash. “I didn’t play on any sports teams but I was an intramural king! I tried to compete in every one that I could,” he said. “My favorites were football and track.” It was also found that Campbell had a not so secret talent for badminton. “Now I’m not all that proud to admit this, but my best I.M. sport was badminton,” Campbell said with a laugh. These experiences may not have been varsity level competition, but it still gave him the opportunity to meet new people and try new things. Exactly what Wabash is all about. Along with his I.M pleasures, Campbell took full advantage of Wabash’s academic opportunities.

Along with getting close with many professors, some of which he is still in contact with today, he spent a semester in Washington D.C. “Wabash provides so many opportunities,” he said. “The academia is incredibly informative and the college itself has prepared me for every challenge that I’ve encountered since. Wabash also got me my first internship which in turn led me to every job since and I am incredibly thankful for that.”

Campbell took advantage of his time here at Wabash. Whether that was trading in social time for study time, making friends at the FIJI house, or playing intramural badminton, the time spent here was not put to waste. And it has allowed him to come across a fun job that allows his education to be combined with his admiration for sports.