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BRAXTON MOORE ’19 | NEWS EDITOR • This past weekend, Wabash had the good fortune of welcoming a multitude of prospective students and their parents onto campus for Scarlet Honors Weekend. These future Little Giants came from all over the state, and for some, around the country, to visit our private Liberal Arts College in rural Indiana. The multitude of students included Lilly finalists and Fine Arts Scholarship hopefuls, as well as students who have already accepted their invitation to join the Wabash brotherhood, and those who were visiting campus for the first time.

Director of Admissions Chip Timmons ’96 spoke about the results of Scarlet Honors Weekend, and talked on the new strategies the Admissions Office worked to implement in order to make sure this year’s event could grow and improve on last year’s turnout.

“We couldn’t be happier with the results of the weekend,” Timmons said. “We had 213 students attend compared to 168 from the previous year’s event. I think one reason for that is due to the growing experience of our students, faculty, and staff on how to run this event. I believe that this event will only get better as Scarlet Honors Weekend becomes more and more familiar to the Wabash community; we are in year two for this new tradition of Scarlet Honors compared to over 120 years of Honors Scholarship Weekend, so it will only get better and run even more smoothly each time we host this event.”

In addition to the improvements made due to extra experience with Scarlet Honors Weekend, Timmons also spoke about the student initiatives that were merged with the weekend festivities that helped make this event even better.

“With this event, we are able to talk to prospective students about fraternity rush and housing options earlier,” Timmons said. “Ian Ward ’19, Hank Horner ’18, and the others who were involved with organizing the ‘Taste @ Wabash’ event also deserve praise. They led and organized this event to be incorporated into a campus-wide recruitment event, which was a great way to cap off the weekend. We had 230 guests – students and parents – who were at the ‘Taste @ Wabash’. It was a great way to showcase the community, both on campus and the greater community of Crawfordsville.”

Matt Bowers ’08, Associate Director of Admissions, reiterated the points made by Timmons regarding the Admissions Department’s successful outcome with Scarlet Honors Weekend, and compared it to last year’s event.

“In the second year of this program, we saw a greater buy-in from the larger Wabash community as a whole,” Bowers said. “Our students, faculty, staff and alumni played a key part in making this event a reality, and it was reflected in the comments we received from families regarding the organization of the weekend, and feeling welcomed and feeling like a part of the Wabash community. We saw a much higher demand for the program this year, and the feedback we have recieved has been overwhelmingly positive.” With exceptional feedback

Wabash received from the Scarlet Honors Weekend, the Admissions Department is confident that Wabash will continue to increase in numbers with incoming freshmen classes, and flourish in upcoming recruitment events for the college’s prospective students.

We want to build on this momentum,” Bowers said. “We are fine-tuning these large-scale events such as Scarlet Honors Weekend, and look to carry this success over into general student recruitment.”