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Wabash Battles OWU, Falls 81-74

Zach Moffett ’20| Staff Writer| Wabash took on next big conference opponent and nationally ranked Ohio Wesleyan at home. OWU came into the contest with a (5-1) record and a nationally ranked at 19thin the country. The Little Giants got off to a slow start to the evening on offense not scoring until 15:03 in the game. Connor Rotterman ’21 and Logan White ’19 led the offensive charge in the first half combining for 21 points and 11 rebounds. Wabash led the charge rebounding the ball however they struggled to capitalize on scoring opportunities as they shot 33% from field goal range and just 25% beyond the arch. They finished the half trailing 43-36.

The second half was a little of the same story as they the Little Giants got off to another slow start, but Colten Garland ’20 and Davidson went on a shooting rampage to bring the trailing Little Giants to a two-point lead. The Little Giants and OWU went back and forth. The Little Giants would not be able to take the offensive powerhouse of OWU would be too much for Wabash to keep up with.  Davidson finished with 22 pts and early this week received NCAC player of the week. Davidson said, “We felt confident, we felt that we were going to win the game. It came down to getting a couple more stops and making a couple of threes that we couldn’t let them get.”.  The final score was OWU 81 Wabash 74.