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STEVEN REIDELL ’20 | STAFF WRITER • The ‘Taste @ Wabash’ event returns to campus for its second year, incorporating 13 businesses from around Crawfordsville. The event is this Saturday, December 2nd, in the Knowling Fieldhouse from 11:30-1:30p.m. The Bachelor caught up with Ian Ward ’19, the planner for the ‘Taste @ Wabash’ event.

“Wabash students get one ticket with their student I.D. which is provided through your student activity fund since this is a Student Senate funded event,” Ward said. “Other tickets will be available for $20.00 per person which includes both faculty and staff as well as any guest you would like to bring to the event at the college.” Prospective students visiting

Wabash through the Scarlet Honors Weekend, as well as parents or guests that accompany them to campus this weekend will be provided with tickets for this event. The Admissions Office hopes to use the event as a way to connect prospective students with current Wabash students and faculty, as well as demonstrate the variety of small businesses and restaurants that Crawfordsville boasts.

“There will be a large Admissions presence for this event,” Ward said. “The office is purchasing tickets through the Crawfordsville to Campus committee for the prospective students who are visiting for the upcoming Scarlet Honors Weekend, as well as their parents or guests.”

The tickets are good for one portion of food from each vendor at the event, as well as two drinks and a coffee from the 1832 Brew. In short, this event demonstrates the power of the student activity fee to the visiting students, and allows for prospective

and current students alike to check out various businesses from around the Crawfordsville community without leaving campus. The event is also beneficial for the businesses involved since they, in turn, can display the culinary creations they offer in their establishments to the greater community and Wabash in turn.

A complete list of the businesses attending the event are: Marco’s Pizza, Creekside Bar and Grill, Valentino’s Italian, Barefoot Burger, China Inn, Pastries Plus, Allen’sCountry Kitchen, 1832 Brew, Mama Fazio’s, Bon Appetite, A Second City Cafe, and Blondie’s Diner. Additionally, there will be live music entertainment provided by Frank Ruvoli ‘13.

Ward also explained that the driving idea behind planning the event during a major prospective weekend is centered around gettting more Wabash students, as well as future students, familiarized with the Crawfordsville Restaurant community.

“Since this is the 2nd annual ‘Taste @ Wabash’ event, we were searching to expand the event into a weekend in which more students would be present on campus,” Ward said. “We thought it would be a good decision overall to pair it with a larger Admissions event. Since Scarlet Honors weekend is arguably the largest Admissions venture, it made sense to push the Taste to December 2nd.”

The ‘Taste @ Wabash’ will be held in the Knowling Fieldhouse this Saturday, from 11:30-1:30 p.m. Students are encouraged to attend the event, enjoy some free food, become better acquainted with the fare offered by a plethora of Crawfordsville restaurants, and interact and network with potential future Wabash Men.