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BRAXTON MOORE ’19 | NEWS EDITOR • Over the course of the year, Wabash College is fortunate enough to welcome two of it’s former sons back to campus not as students – but as employees. Alejandro Reyna ’17 and Joseph Conti ’15 both returned to Wabash under separate circumstances; however, these two men are similar in their unwavering commitment to advancing the interests of their alma mater. Reyna, who serves as the First Fellow for the Center for Innovation, Business, and Entrepreneurship (CIBE), currently works to maintain the several different initiatives that the CIBE offers to students. He spoke about his decision to return to Wabash to pursue a career in the Arnold House, as well as the various aspects of his job working for Wabash.

“I am overseeing the individual CIBE programs that Wabash offers,” Reyna said. “I manage the sales, financial, and marketing immersion programs, as well as the lab program during the summer. I also help coordinate and put together the summer internships that lab students will apply for, and help set them up with alumni and college partners. Our projects aren’t just simple things; they have created value for the city of Crawfordsville and project partners, as well as the companies that they represent.”

In addition to his job description, Reyna also elaborated on his experience with the liberal arts at Wabash, claiming that it adequately prepared him for his current role within the college.

“I was involved with the CIBE even when I was a student,” Reyna said. “I participated in a lab program, and was always supported by Roland [Morin] and the CIBE. My classes prepared me for critical thinking in the workplace, and allowed me to better understand the various strengths and weaknesses of the other students using information like that directly, I can better assist them in their projects and engagements that they are working on.”

Assistant Director of Admissions Joseph Conti ’15 also returned to work for Wabash earlier this year and facilitates the recruitment of potential future Wabash men, as well aiding in the coordination of various campus prospective events and visit days. Conti spoke on the experience of returning to work at Wabash, and explained the process leading up to his employment in the Admissions Office.

“I realized my love for my Admissions while I was still a student at Wabash,” Conti said. “I worked as a tour guide and after graduating, I asked myself ‘What do I want out of my career that I think I would really enjoy?’. When I noticed that Wabash had an opening in the Admissions department, I knew that it would be a good career move and a good change of pace. It’s just an added bonus to be back around Wabash guys, and I believe that we have the good fortune of dealing with some of the brightest and most talented students around.”

While his time at the college has been slight up to this point, Conti expounded upon the most rewarding aspect of his job thus far, and further emphasized the power of the Wabash community in aiding in the Admissions process.

“I am constantly amazed at the quality of the prospective students, and how engaged our current students are in recruiting young men to Wabash,” Conti said. “The best Wabash College salesmen are the current students, and so I would say that the most rewarding part of my job has been not only working with prospective students, but also with the Wabash community, in creating the next class of Wabash men.” Both Reyna and Conti expressed nothing but pride in their decisions to return to the college after graduation. While they may work in separate fields, the desire to improve Wabash beyond its current esteemed position shines through in both of these young alumni. Whether they are involved in directing student initiatives, or are concerned with the recruitment of bright young men to the Wabash brotherhood, Reyna and Conti are both clearly “Some Little Giant”.