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CLAYTON HUBER ’21 | STAFF WRITER • The Trace Bulger Committee met this past Monday night in the Lilly Library to discuss the furthering and promotion of campus involvement and Wabash spirit in honor of Trace Bulger’s ‘18 commitment to the Wabash brotherhood. Bulger is a Sigma Chi brother, Track and Field thrower, and a part of the Newman Center. During his time at Wabash, Trace was highly invested in stimulating campus unity and endorsing the significance of the Wabash Brotherhood. His cooking club, Trace’s Munch, brought students from both independent and fraternal living units under one roof in order to prepare, cook, and most importantly, eat as one Wabash family.

The committee aims to carry on Trace’s Wabash legacy, and aims to start a new tradition on campus, representing the values that Trace holds in such high esteem. Joseph Walters ’18, the President of the committee, wanted to organize the committee in order to commemorate the initiatives that Trace began, and to further entrench the idea of the greater Wabash community that Trace was so influential in shaping.

“We as a committee want to embody Trace’s beliefs,” Walters said. “This committee is dedicated to furthering Trace Bulger’s goals and endeavors, which included creating greater unity within the student body.”

One of the many events that is in the process of being planned by the committee is the continuation of Trace’s Munch.

“Trace’s Munch was an original creation by Trace himself,” Walters said. “It is something that we hope as a committee to continue.” Committee member Nathan Young ‘20 had powerful inspiration to join this committee.

“I joined this committee to maintain the legacy of Trace as a member of the Wabash community,” Young said. “His passion and energy for Wabash is something I am striving to reach every day and someone that needs to have a permeant place in our close-knit Wabash brotherhood. If we were to allow such a special member of our community fade away without remerbing his impact, then I feel as if I am depriving future Wabash men from knowing amazing men like Trace that came before them.”

Committee member David Daughtery ’20 also spoke about his motivation to join the committee board. “Being pledge brothers with Trace, I had the opportunity to witness the profound impact Trace had on every single individual he came in contact with on campus,” Daughtery said. “In his year and a half at Wabash, Trace created a legacy for himself that most would not be able to do in four years. Of all his efforts, his desire to bring people together was always his biggest. Being a part of this committee offers the opportunity carry on Trace’s legacy and share it with the Wabash community which he loved with all of his heart.”

This event will include an art gallery and a special motivational speaker will be present. The Wabash community is invited to attend this event, enjoy some fantastic food and see the artwork of current Wabash student-artists. The committee highly encourages the student body to write letters to Trace and give him updates on what’s happening on Wabash’s campus. His family feels the true brotherhood and love of the Wabash community when they receive letters. If interested, parties may contact David Daugherty to give Trace your letters.

“We are committed to making a new tradition at Wabash,” Walters said. “We hope that through the creation of the Trace Bulger Committee, the student body will unify for a greater cause.”