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Tailgating in Foreign Territory

BRAXTON MOORE ’19 | NEWS EDITOR • Well Wabash, it’s that time of the year once more. The season for guarding campus, promoting student life unity, and shaving ungodly designs and mohawks onto each other’s heads is upon us. With the 124th match-up of the beloved Monon Bell rivalry, Bell Week brings Wabash spirit into its best form, as well as the opportunity to let loose a little and enjoy the more social aspects of the Wabash brotherhood. Even with the sound of the ringing bell absent from campus, students still celebrate the week leading up to the rivalry game by indulging in adult libations in campus unity events, dorms, and fraternity houses. But, with this year’s game being hosted in Greencastle, along with the numerous incidents concerning alcohol that have already transpired on the DePauw campus earlier this year, Wabash tailgaters may find a surplus of excise police officers, as well as increased security on fans in the stands hoping to sneak their personal supply of whiskey into the game. Director of Athletics Greg Shaheen spoke about the possible changes that DePauw University may be bringing to both the game and the tailgate, as well as the expectation set for both Little Giants and Dannies alike come gameday.

“The first thing is that spectators need to know is that the security is going to be enhanced,” Shaheen said. “It has been this way for the last two times that we have been down on their campus in one form or another. They have a fairly strict carry-in policy regarding bags and backpacks, which they expect people to follow…it comes down to the risk of the home school hosting. Their guidelines for tailgaters, especially student tailgaters…is fairly strict as well. For us, the description will be regarding the discouragement of hard liquor, and I would expect there to be a significant excise presence at the tailgate which students will need to be mindful of.”

Wabash Student Body President Jack Kellerman ’18 also shared information regarding Bell Game regulations after attending a meeting with the Student Council of DePauw University last week. He further expressed the expectations placed upon Wabash student tailgaters, and articulated some of the changes that Shaheen spoke on as well.

“During the meeting, we had the opportunity to talk about the Monon Bell protocol,” Kellerman said. “Much of the protocol that DePauw has in place for their students don’t necessarily affect Wabash students directly, however, we were advised to stray away from hard liquor…and to be responsible. There is definitely going to be excise presence and security measures taken during all parts of the tailgate and the game…so we ask that students apply the Gentleman’s Rule, participate responsibly if you are of drinking age…and if not, then conduct yourself appropriately.”

In addition to navigating the tailgate responsibly, students planning on travelling to the school 30 minutes south should also plan for traffic complications that may arise. This will primarily be caused by the City of Greencastle’s annual Veteran’s Day parade. While students are encouraged to pay their respects to those who have served in our nation’s armed forces, Wallies hoping to reach the Wabash tailgate area should be mindful of the fact that a portion of the main road running through the city will be blocked off for roughly 20-30 minutes as the parade makes its way through town. Shaheen addressed this factor further, and reminded students of the impact that this parade may have on their travel through Greencastle.

“One unique scenario this year to be mindful of is the fact that the Monon Bell game falls on Veteran’s Day,” Shaheen said. “There will be a Veteran’s Day parade and activities that will be going on within the community, and because the University is so close to downtown Greencastle, there will be a road closure that will prove to be fairly critical running from approximately 11:10 to 11:30 a.m. the day of the game. A few blocks on the main drag will be barricaded off, and if students are not through by the parade start time, they will not be able to get through until the line and spectators clear after 11:30 a.m. Because of this, students are advised to plan their travels accordingly and to be mindful of the traffic obstructions that may be present.”

While the addition of excise police and traffic complications may pose a challenge for both Wabash and DePauw fans alike, students are encouraged to attend the game, soak up the tailgate environment, and cheer their hearts out when the Little Giants take the field. The 124th Monon Bell Classic will be played

Saturday, November 11 at Blackstock Stadium on the DePauw University campus. Kickoff will commence at 1:07 p.m. Let’s beat DePauw and take back what belongs to us, Wabash.