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Beta wins IM Football Championship

IM Bracket

Bracket to the Championship

Beta IM Football - Courtesy of Beta Theta Pi

The Victors, Beta. (Photo Courtesy of Beta Theta Pi)

JADE DOTY ’18 | CAVELIFE EDITOR • The 2017 Intramural Football season is underwraps. The season started off in great fashion, with high participation, and beautiful weather. A total of 10 teams participated in the first IM season of the school year. The Wabash Wrestling Team and freshman Joshua Mundell’s team represented the independents, while fraternities Kappa Sigma, Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Theta, Fiji, Delta Tau Delta, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Kappa Psi, and Sigma Chi put together their own football squadrons. This year’s season was highly participated in as there were very few games decided by forfeits. Retirees of various Wabash sports were eager to show flashes of their fading athleticism, including Beta IM QB Michael Lumpkin ’18.

“IM football is a great opportunity for athletes around campus to represent their living units on the field,” Lumpkin said. “The game reveals the competitive nature within a great deal of Wabash students.” Sigma Chi was the team to beat entering the season, having won the last three championships. The fraternity was led by freshman quarterback Andrew Jumonville ’21, a former standout at Munster High School. Former high school wide receiver Ezequiel Godinez ’18 proved to be a tough matchup for most teams, catching 14 touchdowns during the regular season.

Sigma Chi wasn’t the only team that had offensive weapons as Lambda Chi relied on last years 200 meter track conference champion Austin Ellingwood ’18 for offensive production. The wrestlers relied on their physical prowess to beat up on teams as several the team’s players flashed their physique by wearing no shirts during game play. Fiji’s team was proven to not be the most athletic, but beat teams with smart plays led by quarterback William Kelly ’18 and player/coach Zack Carl ’18. Ellingwood’s track teammate Parker Redelman ’18 was the star of Mundell’s team as he proved effective with quarterback runs. The most athletic team appeared to be Beta as they had playmakers on both offense and defense, but out of all their weapons it was freshman Jonathan Hickman ’21 that surprised the league with his play at receiver.

The playoffs were much different than that of the regular season as fraternities Sigma Chi and Beta rolled through all opponents until they met in the league’s championship. Weather conditions were far different as well; Fiji and Beta played in the cold rain during the semifinals and finished the game in complete darkness. Different from the rest of the playoffs, the championship game was hard fought between Beta and Sigma Chi. The game was locked at 20 at the half, but Beta eventually edged out Sigma Chi and won the IM Football Championship 36-20. “I’m happy to see the IM Football crown is now in the house it deserves to be in,” Lumpkin said. “I see us getting a couple more championships this year.”