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NATHAN YOUNG ’20 | STAFF WRITER • Studying abroad has many cliches associated with it, and many people, once they return from their specific study abroad location, never stop talking about their adventures they experienced. The many unique programs that students can be apart of through Wabash are much more varied than many people unfamiliar with the process can imagine. Amy Weir, Director of International Studies, clarified the many great benefits of studying abroad.

Study Abroad 2- Courtesy of Lucas Holstine

Students Study Abroad (Photo Courtesy of Lucas Holstine)

“Many of our students that go abroad during the study abroad process go to a few selective countries depending on if they need are trying to be immersed into a different language,” Weir said. “However, a few of our students like to go on a very unique path. In recent years, we have had a few students who have chosen to go on the ‘off the beaten path’ program.” Although many students go to locations such as England or Spain, the few that go to off the beaten path countries feature most of the work being done by finding the program and university/institution that best fits them.


Joseph Walters ‘18 spoke highly of the study abroad process and visited many unique countries while spending last semester at Harlaxton College in England. While that may not seem like it is an “off the beaten path” type of program, he visited many places as a part of his experiences that are unique to a normal American.

“Every place I experienced had something special to offer, but it just came down to opening your eyes and not doing the simple tourist things,” Walkers said. “Getting to know the locals and learn about some of the secrets of the city or area. My favorite place to visit that not many people experience is when I visited Normandy, France and visited the beaches that American and British troops stormed on D-Day. Being able to witness where individuals my age or younger stormed the beaches to begin the process of taking back Europe is one of the most surreal experiences because the beaches looked as any normal modern French beach.”

Studying outside of Western Europe, Gage Ulery ‘18 studied abroad in the summer in Greece. The region known is unfamiliar to most of students, however, provides many different ideas into a new perspective and way of thinking.

“I studied abroad in Athens, Greece and experiencing an entire new culture that many consider the start of modern democracy,” Ulery said. “This was an eye-opening experience for me and expanding my horizons. The ability to interact with many of the local people in the National Garden, which was right across from the President’s’ House, was having the ability to walk around and enjoy the city. My favorite activity was walking around and having the ability to awe in the architecture crafted by the early Greeks.”

Studying abroad outside the United States gives a student the ability to develop many different abilities and habits that are beneficial to one’s development. Growing and enjoying time away from the demands of Wabash’s workload allows for the students that choose to study abroad as opportunity to broaden their horizons and learn from other cultures.