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NEWS EDITOR • Last week,Wabash College welcomed Dr. Athanasios Orphanides for the 2017-2018 annual Rogge Lecture. Dr. Orphanides earned his Undergraduate degree and Phd at M.I.T. His Rogge talk, titled “Will the Euro Area Survive?: A Diagnosis not Prescription” was attended by a sizeable number of students, staff, and faculty members last Tuesday night. Orphanides spoke about the economic issues that the Euro Area currently faces, and offered his opinions on the survival and state of capitalism in Europe currently, and for the future.

Rogge Lecture - Clayton Huber

Dr. Athanasios Orphanides spoke for the 2017-2018 annual Rogge Lecture.  Photo by Clayton Huber ’21

“People’s incentives must be compatible with the system to ensure its stability,” Orphanides said. “Economic and political factors that determine the thriving nature of capitalism … Without entrepreneurship, there is no diversity in markets, and the

economy and capitalism fails.” Orphanides also spoke in his lecture about the global financial crisis which is directly affecting Europe as well. He stated that much of the world’s financial crisis remains a problem, and that a large factor that concerns the global economy is how free trade is affected when the global economy experiences fallout, or suffers.

“After the United States the global economy of the Euro Area is the largest and most developed in the world,” Orphanides said. “However, the global financial crisis affects Europe on a greater scale, and this financial crisis is still unresolved.”

After the lecture, students and staff met in Rogge Lounge for a reception, refreshments, and a casual Q&A with Orphanides. Orphanides’ talk marked the 28th annual Rogge lecture held at Wabash College.

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