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Baseball Rocks On

Wabash says goodbye to Professor Mills

Student Senate Presidential Election Underway

Student Senate Considers new Legislation with Referendum Vote

IAN WARD ‘19 | ONLINE EDITOR • After weeks of speculation and rumors around campus, the Constitution Bylaw and Policy and Review Committee brought two amendments before the Student Senate last Tuesday.


CHRISTOPHER BARKER ’20 | STAFF WRITER • This past Wednesday evening,
the Wabash College Rhetoric Department hosted the 144th Annual Baldwin Oratorical Contest. This year’s theme centered around Crawfordsville. The finalists presented a problem that the community faced and offered a solution as to how the ordinary Crawfordsville citizen could help.

Baseball Goes 4-1 on 10 day stretch

JAKE CHRISMAN ’20 | STAFF WRITER •The Little Giant baseball team (18-6, 5-1 NCAC) swept the past week of conference play by defeating Kenyon College and sweeping Wittenberg University on Tuesday. “We are playing good team baseball right now and we look pretty solid in all parts of the game,” Cody Cochran ’18 said. “We just need to keep this rolling and we will be good.”

Continued Excellence

Ian Ward ’19| Online Editor | Yesterday at the 2018 Indiana Collegiate Press Association (ICPA) awards banquet The Bachelor once again had a strong showing capturing 20 awards, and placing second in the “Newspaper of the Year” award for division three colleges.

Classroom Community Service

JAKE VERMEULEN ’21 | STAFF WRITER • Sitting in a classroom day in and day out can get a little bit monotonous. Several courses on campus, however, are breaking up the monotony by giving student an opportunity to learn while getting involved in the community.


Baseball Splits Allegheny in NCAC Opener

Jake Chrisman ’20|Staff Writer| This past weekend, the Little Giants (14-5, 1-1 NCAC) baseball team kicked off conference play with a double header against the Allegheny College Gators on Saturday. After a 5-0 rout of the Gators in game one, the Little Giants dropped game two to split the double header.


BRAXTON MOORE ’19 | NEWS EDITOR • Last week, the Sphinx Club held elections to determine officer positions for the upcom- ing year. While members of the Club con- sistently pride themselves on being campus leaders, the need for executive leadership within the group still exists to fulfill various roles and responsibilities.


JAKE CHRISMAN ‘20 | STAFF WRITER • This past week, the Little Giants took the field three separate times and went 2-1, 2-0 against Edgewood College and before dropping a game to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (RHIT) on Wednesday.


ERIC CHAVEZ ‘19 | STAFF WRITER • Rivalries are known
to fuel sports. In a college atmosphere, especially at a small school like Wabash, having a
rival school can give a team an advantage on things such as recruiting. Head basketball coach Kyle Brumett says that the rivalry between Wabash College and DePauw University gives his team a leg up even on schools that can offer scholarships because those schools can’t give players a rivalry game like Wabash can.


JAKE CHRISMAN ‘20 | STAFF WRITER • Last week, the Little Giants baseball team (11-3) swept a double header at Hanover College and split their first home double header of the season with Manchester University (7-7). Bryan Roberts ’18 succeeded Jackson Blevins ’20 as NCAC Player of the Week with his performance on the mound.


BEN JOHNSON ’18 | STAFF WRITER • Two years ago, Indiana University and Purdue University was the only two universities in Indiana that ran TEDx events at a consis- tently high level. Other large universities, such as Valparaiso University, IUPUI, and The University of Notre Dame have also ran TEDx conferences on their respective campuses, but only ran sporadically throughout the years. But few liberal arts colleges, not only in the state but across the nation, have achieved success in operating the nationally syndicated event on a consistent basis.

A Case For Equality

Standing T.A.L.L. Under the Desert Sun



JADE DOTY ’18 | CAVELIFE EDITOR • Pets and dogs in particular are a staple among American life. It is seldom that a family does not have some sort of pet, and with the population ever increasing in major cities, it is becoming more popular to own a cat or a dog than have a child in many urban settings across the United States. The happiness that comes from spending time with a dog, a cat, or any animal for that matter is well known by young individuals like the students here on Wabash’s campus, but it is only recently that these same animals and pets are beginning to be included in different forms of mental therapy.


PATRICK MCAULEY ‘19 & JACOB CHRISMAN ’20 | STAFF WRITERS • This past weekend, the Wabash baseball team opened up their season with three consecutive games. Traveling back and forth to Westfield, Indiana on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the Little Giants were able to capture two out their three games. Friday evening, the squad took it to Transylvania University in a 12-4 victory. After coming off a solid victory to begin their season, the team finished a close game against an experienced University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh on Saturday with a 5-4 win. Finally, on Sunday, the Little Giants played against Transylvania once again but dropped the game against the Pioneers. The weekend was successful, and much of it came from good prep throughout the prior weeks of practice.


IAN WARD ‘19 | ONLINE EDITOR • This past Sunday, the Wabash lacrosse team bounced back from an initial rough start to their season, defeating Wilmington College, 19-6. The Wabash offense dominated the game. Led by Steven Stark ’19 and Collin Brennan ’19, tallying 10 points each, both players broke the Wabash College lacrosse record for most points in a game. Stark previously held the record with nine points.


BENJAMIN JOHNSON | STAFF WRITER • Last Tuesday, February 20, College Republicans hosted a viewing party for a typical event with some rare circumstances.
As midterm elections get heated up across the country with the beginning senatorial and house primary races, the Indiana Republican Party hosted their first formal debate between its three frontrunners to represent the Party against incumbent Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN). Amazingly, all three frontrunners on stage were Wabash College alumni.



American journalist Lisa Ling once said, “The best education I have ever received was through travel,” and Wabash echoes her sentiment. Opportunities for travel happen every semester, with various courses taking students around the world. The list for next year’s approved immersion courses ranges from old favorites to new opportunities. France, Germany, and England are on the list, as well as the return of the summer Ecuador course headed by Professor of Spanish Dan Rogers and Associate Professor of Spanish Jane Hardy, as well as a new location for next year, Andrea Bear’s

Czech Republic theater course.

Room and Board

JOSEPH REILLY ’18 | EDITOR-IN-CHIEF • College is expensive. There’s no way around it. With rising costs and fees, the cost of attending an institution of higher education has increased dramatically over the past four decades. Next fall, Wabash College will continue this trend with the implementation of an increased room and board rate for students who live in all Wabash fraternities.

Wrestling their Way to Regionals

JAKE CHRISMAN ‘20 | STAFF WRITER • This weekend, Wabash will be hosting the NCAA Regional Wrestling Tournament in Knowling Fieldhouse. This tournament starts today and ends Saturday evening. It will feature the ten starting Little Giant wrestlers, who will be competing for a chance to qualify for the national tournament.


ZACH MOFFETT ‘20 | STAFF WRITER • After Little Giants basketball team took a hard loss
in their last home game against the team from down south. They looked ahead as they played their last regular season game against Denison University in Granville, OH. The Little Giants were in search of redemption after an upset from DePauw University.

Basketball waits for Fate


AUSTIN RUDICEL ’20 | STAFF WRITER • When people notice an issue, it is easy to complain and expect others to change. It takes a certain type of person who is willing to attempt to make the change themselves. When it comes to the issue of finding new ways to unify campus, Oliver Page ‘19 decided he would reach beyond simply complaining and would find ways to make significant changes on campus.


ZACH MOFFETT ‘20 | STAFF WRITER • On Wednesday, the Wasbash basketball team faced off against the Dannies on Chadwick Court. Leading up to the thriller at Chadwick, Wabash would first have to face some tough competition on the road. Wabash took their road trip to Oberlin College. They took a tough loss prior to the Oberlin game as they went on the road to the third ranked Wittenberg. Wabash went into the games with a record of (11- 11) overall.



BRAXTON MOORE ‘19 | NEWS EDITOR• Salter Hall was electric last Friday night as students from all over campus came together to watch and perform in a lip-syncing competition hosted by IFC President Braiden Slavens ’19. The performers strummed away on invisible guitars, danced across the stage in choreographed dance routines, and silently belted out the lyrics to their favorite tunes. Slavens’ event was hosted for the sole reason of promoting campus unity, drawing students out of their living units for a night of hilarity and music. The event was largely a great success, and all who walked onto the stage did so with smiles on their faces and a goal in their minds to take away first place glory for their respective living unit.


Elenor Cleft Discussion 1- Levi

Photo by Levi Garrison “18



JACKSON BLEVINS ’20 | STAFF WRITER • College is a time period where one can grow in many ways. Life’s challenges lead to personal growth, rigorous courses help students improve academically, and young adults can experience the social life

of their desire. However, as seniors’ college experience winds down, the focus begins to shift towards starting a professional career, or what most call “entering the real world”. It is no secret that Wabash is one of the best at job placement for their graduating classes, as the Princeton Review rated our Career Services at eighth best in

the country.



JAKE CHRISMAN ‘20 | STAFF WRITER • The Little Giant wrestling team struck gold this past weekend at the John Summa Invitational with 3 individual champs, 17 top eight finishes in total, and capturing 1st place as a team. Jared Timberman siad, “As a team we did pretty well this weekend. We wrestled a pretty tough division 2 team in Wheeling Jesuit. They were pretty tough, but we were neck and neck with them most of the day.” Finishing on first was Austin Bethel ‘21 in the 149-lb weight class, Kyle Hatch ’21 in the 157-lb weight class, and Darden Schurg ’19 in the 174-lb weight class.


ZACH MOFFETT ‘20 | STAFF WRITER • The Little Giants took on a weekend series against conference teams Hiram and Allegheny. Both teams have struggle in the conference, but would prove to be a test.


BRYCE BRIDGEWATER ’19 | COPY EDITOR • 169 Russian athletes will be participating in the 2018 Winter Olympic games over the next two weeks in Pyeongchang, South Korea. However this time, they will not be marching under the tricolor flag representative of the country, but rather of the five Olympic rings of the games. This comes after an investigation finding a systematic doping system of the athletes in order to improve the performances in the 2014 games in Sochi, Russia.


Little Giants stomp Gators


(photo by, Ian Ward ’19)

Little Giants outlast Terriers


The Little Giants defeated the Hiram Terriers in the first game of a back-to-back weekend (photo by, Ian Ward ’19)


  1. JACOB ROEHM ’18 | GUEST WRITER • The State of the Union address is typically a chance for the president to pull together the nation by calling upon our shared values and experiences. This year’s address was a remarkable display
    of self control from a president who rarely exhibits it.
  2. ISAIAH MEARS ’20 | GUEST WRITER • As President Donald Trump took us on a journey through this past year, I couldn’t help but think that the American Dream is alive and prospering. Mr. President talked of tax cuts and unemployment being at an all-time low. He then hit on the bringing back of jobs from overseas, and the investment of billions of dollars into the U.S. economy from companies like Apple and Exxon mobile.

NAWM dinner - Courtesy of Dean Jones

Trustees, Alumni  and Students alike attend Dinner last Friday. (Photo Courtesy of Dean Stephen Jones)


BENJAMIN JOHNSON ’18 | STAFF WRITER • JOSEPH REILLY ’18 | EDITOR-IN-CHIEF • The Board of Trustees convenes on campus each quarter to gain perspective from the students and faculty of the College, collaborate on solving campus issues, and reconnecting with their alma mater. You can say what the Board of Trustees does here is fairly similar to most colleges across the country, except for one thing: few schools have trustees who attempt to reach the level of student engagement for which Wabash’s trustees routinely strive.


JACKSON BLEVINS ’20 | STAFF WRITER • The transition from fall to winter brings frigid temperatures, the occasional snowfall, and unfortunately, the flu. October to January is normally the time where some form of influ- enza, better known as the flu, spreads across the country and infects most parts of the United States in some way. Currently, every state except for Hawaii has reported widespread flu activity.


Basketball 2 - Ian

Jack Davidson ’21  (Photo by, Ian Ward)


ERIC CHAVEZ ’19 | STAFF WRITER • Jack Davidson ’21 from Fishers, Indiana has made a name for himself on the basketball court here at Wabash. If you don’t know the name, you might know him as the youngest looking person on campus. Don’t
let the baby face fool you, in his first year of college basketball, Davidson is averaging 17.4 points to go along with 5.1 rebounds and 3.1 assists a game. To put up numbers like this as a freshman takes a remarkable amount of talent.


Wrestling 2 - Ian Ward

(photo by- Ian Ward ’19)


JAKE CHRISMAN ‘20 | STAFF WRITER • On Saturday, January
20, the Little Giant wrestling team hosted the Max Servies Duals in Knowling Fieldhouse. The team had an impressive showing on the day, finishing 3-0 and dominating the mat in all three competition. The Little Giants competed against Thomas More College, the University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh, and Cornell College. “As a team I feel like we wrestled pretty well,” Jared Timberman ’21 said. “It was probably the best we’ve wrestled all year and we beat a tough team in Cornell.” Notable performances were Sunny Nier ’21, Kyle Hatch ’21, and Grant Gough ’18, all going 3-0 on the day.


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ANDREW HARVEY ‘21 | STAFF WRITER • The Wabash tennis team began their season with victories at Augustana College this past Saturday, besting Augustana and Edgewood College. George Go ’18, Krill Ivashchenko ’18, Nicholas Pollock ’18, William Reifeis ’18, Jordan Greenwell ’19, Patrick McAuley ’19, and Andrew Denning ’20 are taking up racquets for Wabash this season. Heach Coach Jason Hutchison, entering his 14th season as coach, is looking forward to upcoming matches.

Basketball Defeats Kenyon; Moves to 9-10





IAN WARD ’19 | ONLINE EDITOR • Over Thanksgiving break, some Wallies skipped the traditional family Thanksgiving Dinner and instead experienced a bus-based immersion trip south of the Mason- Dixon line. This immersion trip included two classes, Political

Science 210-Politics of the Civil Rights Movement, and Music 204- African American Music. From the beginning, this trip presented a unique opportunity to learn two types of class material on a trip when only some parts were separate in instruction.

What this meant was “at some points the classes split up and did different things, and discussion of experiences followed” Political Science Department Chair Shamira Gelbman said while at other times the classes did the same thing with crossover in topic.


ZACH MOFFETT ‘20 | STAFF WRITER • The Wabash Basketball team started it’s 2017-2018 season over Thanksgiving break in St. Louis, Missouri. The team finished the season 11-15 last year and hopes to improve that this season.


STEVEN REIDELL ’20 | STAFF WRITER • The ‘Taste @ Wabash’ event returns to campus for its second year, incorporating 13 businesses from around Crawfordsville. The event is this Saturday, December 2nd, in the Knowling Fieldhouse from 11:30-1:30 p.m. The Bachelor caught up with Ian Ward ’19, the planner for the ‘Taste @ Wabash’ event.


JACKSON BLEVINS ’20 | STAFF WRITER • Wabash will host its 3rd Riley Dance Marathon on Saturday, December 2 at 12:00 P.M. in the Allen Center. The event will be a fun-filled day of food, music, bounce houses, competitive games, and many more activities. Alongside the Wabash community will be eight Riley families who have felt the impact of Riley Children’s Hospitals throughout Indiana. The cost of the event will be $15, but look out for discount admission prices as Saturday comes closer. All money raised throughout the day, including admission fees alonside donations, will go directly to the grand total that is donated to the Riley Children’s Foundation.



ZACH MOFFETT ’20 | STAFF WRITER • The football team played its final season game in the 124th Monon Bell Classic this past Saturday. The Little Giants have struggled the past two weeks with a close loss to Wittenberg University and an ugly win against Allegheny College. Wabash sat at 7-2 overall on the season and the DePauw University Tigers were 8-1 overall on their season. DePauw broke the seven-year streak last season as they took the bell with a last minute touchdown. Both DePauw and Wabash had several major injuries that impacted their high-powered offenses. However, defense was the name of the game this past Saturday.


BRAXTON MOORE ’19 | NEWS EDITOR • The city of Crawfordsville is planning substantial changes that will positively impact the face of the community. Along with the proposed addition of several small parks, public gathering spots, and recreational running/biking trails that will break ground this spring, the city also plans to transforming the PNC Bank building on the corner of Washington and Main into a

PNC - Jacob Ferguson

The PNC Building before its Fusion 54 Transition (Photo by Jacob Ferguson ’18)

community workspace that will bring together a conglomeration of city offices, creative initiatives, and Wabash resources (including an experimental theater and the CIBE). The project has been named ‘Fusion 54’, and aims to provide a creative and collaborative workspace for professional and creative endeavors. Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton ’00 spoke about the direction that the project hopes to follow, and how Fusion 54 will open new opportunities not only for young entrepreneurs in the Crawfordsville area, but for the greater Wabash community as well.


Mock Interviews Come to Campus

PATRICK MCAULEY ’20 | STAFF WRITER • For college students, the real world is right around the corner. Most (if not all) students have one goal upon graduation: to land a job. These days, however, ambitious, young, and hard-working talent fills the job market, making it hard for upcoming graduates to acquire that dream job. Here at Wabash, career services possess some additional oppositional firepower: mock interviews


Moving On, Taking What’s Ours

ZACH MOFFETT ‘20 | STAFF WRITER • The Wabash football team went on their longest road trip this past weekend to Allegheny to take on the 3-5 Gators. The Little Giants just came off of a tough conference loss to undefeated Wittenberg. The Little Giants held a record of 6-2 overall and 5-2 in conference heading into Allegheny. The Gators put up a tough test for the Little Giants.

Wabash beats Allegheny, sets sights on Monon Bell Classic 


Bleeding for a Cause


“Bleeding for the Bell” last year (Photo Courtesy of Communications and Marketing)

JACKSON BLEVINS ’20 |STAFF WRITER • On Tuesday, November 7, Wabash College will be participating in the annual Bleed for the Bell Blood Drive competition. The event will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Knowling Fieldhouse in the Allen Center. On the seventh, the Wabash community and DePauw University community will hold a one-day event to see which school can donate the most blood. This will be the 17th year of the event, starting back in 2000. This competitive day of donating blood has been a valuable asset to the Red Cross blood banks since 2000. The event is free and open to the public, and it is highly encouraged that anyone who is willing and able to donate blood would do so on this day. The housing unit with the most donors will receive free wings courtesy of the Wabash Athletic Department.


Barton ’00 Brings Beautification to Crawfordsville

BRAXTON MOORE ’19 | NEWS EDITOR • Wabash College and the greater Crawfordsville community will be enjoying the addition of new community parks and city improvement in the near future, with the hope that such added amenities will help spark a new, invigorated interest in the city among residents and Wabash students alike. According to the plan proposed by Crawfordsville Mayor Todd Barton ‘00, improvements will include a variety of areas for recreational activity which will be made available to the residents of the city and students of the college.